It’s all about the custom documentation chain

Georgia’s corrupt Secretary of State Rafensparger has a problem. He certified the result of an invalid election.

It all comes down to this. Democrats and Rhinos all knew it and tried their best to redirect auditors and patriots who want free and fair elections. All missing ballots must have a chain of legally required custody documentation – who conducted the ballot and when. If there is no documentation, the ballots are invalid.

In Georgia we reported that there was a lack of this documentation since December, after receiving the election certificate. We first reported that 460,000 ballots in the state do not have a chain of custody documentation. Then we noticed in March that 400,000 ballots were still missing these legally required documents.

UPDATE: Four months after the 2020 election in Georgia, more than 1,000,000 missing ballots are legally losing the chain of custody documentation, yet Biden was given the state with 12,000 votes.

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As of May, the number was more than 350,000 ballots without the necessary discipline documents. Then in June it was reported that in Fulton County (Georgia’s largest county and located in Atlanta) 1 in 4 missing ballots was without custody documents. That was enough to change the election given to Biden by 12,000 votes. At this point, the corrupt Secretary of State, Rafensparger, only pretended to notice.

Corrupt Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensparger pretends he was unaware of the loss of custody chains in his state

It was then revealed that Georgia’s DeCallab County was without 43,000 missing ballots, and on Friday President Trump sent a list of 43,000 ballots to the Chain of Custody documentation, claiming to deal with them on the basis of legal requirements to the corrupt Rafansparger and the real winner of the state.

Big: President Trump sends letter to corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Ravensparger

So will Rafensparger create 43,000 chain custody documents and claim they were found, or will he solve the problem and claim that President Trump won the state election under the law, or will he try to postpone another year and then destroy the evidence? ?

Americans are becoming very impatient. The time has come for Rafensparger and others to face the truth and then be tried on charges of electoral fraud and possibly treason.

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