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September0 September, the Italian luxury fashion house Dolls & Gabbana sold the NFT collection for $ 5.7 million or 1,885 ether. The Collegiate Genesis Collection of designers was sold through the UNXD platform, a polygonal network-driven marketplace.

The Genesis Rex collection in Dolce & Gabbana is at 1,885 ether

Dolce & Gabbana’s first non-fungible-token (NFT) drop, Collegiate Genesis, rose to 8 1,885 or $ 5.7 million using the Ethereum (ETH) exchange rate during Thursday’s sale. Two notable NFTs have brought in the most funding, “The Dog Crown” and “The Glass Suite.”

“The Glass Suite” NFT was personally designed by Domenico Dolls and Stefano Gabbana, and the suit is an NFT and a physical version created specifically for the winner. There were also two versions of an NFT called “Dream from Version” in the 9-piece “One-of-a-kind collection”.

“At a historic historic moment for the NFT ecosystem, Collegiate Genesis is the first luxury NFT collection that involves both digital and physical work, which actually shuts down physical and spirituality,” says the NFT web portal in Dallas and Gabbana.

UNXD Culture Fund, other fashion maison is entering NFT

In addition to selling the NFT collection on Thursday, UNXD launched a new 10 10 million “culture fund”. The purpose of the “Culture Fund” is to accelerate the spread of the fashion industry in Metavers and NFT. The announcement details that the fund will bring in a variety of sources of income for fashion brands and designers.

Dolls and Gabbana are not the only fashion laws in the industry that enter the NFT. A large number of other fashion masons like Gucci, Barberry and Louis Vuitton have published NFT promotions.

Barberry Legendary Games multiplayer online game Blancos Block Party used to exclude its NFT and Louis Vuitton also used a game promotion. Louis Vuitton of France has launched a mobile game and players can collect a total of 30 non-fungible tokens. Fashion label Gucci used auction house Christie’s for its first NFT drop.

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