Is Spurs preparing for Popovic’s retirement in two years?

Spurs Longtime head coach Greg Popovich is preparing for it Will retire in the next year or two, league sources said Jordan Schultz ESPN’s.

According to Schultz, the agency is launching a “comprehensive” search to identify Popovich’s successor. This search will cover both external and internal candidates.

In the years leading up to the Tokyo Olympics, there was speculation that the event would be Popovich’s swan song. However, even after Team USA won the gold in Japan after a one-year delay, he is back on the sidelines in San Antonio for the 2021-22 season.

This has been suggested in two recent reports Can Popovich could be the Spurs head coach last season, but both ESPN’s Jack Lowe and Bleacher Report’s Jack Fisher warned that the 72-year-old would not rule out the possibility of being stuck outside for another year. Based on Schultz’s report, it looks like Popovich will continue coaching for two more years.

Lowe’s story was told last month by a former Spurs assistant Will Hardy and former San Antonio star Although it is not clear whether Ginobili has a legitimate interest in coaching, Manu Ginobili is one of the two most frequently mentioned candidates in league circles as Popovich’s successful candidate. Current Spurs Assistant – Inc Becky Hamon – also believed to be a candidate like former Popovich aides Brett Brown and Jack Vaughan, every fisherman.

Unlike most teams who decide to part ways with a coach at the end of a season – or in a season – the Spurs will be able to take their time with their search, without having to finalize a week or even a decision. Months. And unlike most coaches who split with the NBA agency, Popovich thinks he may have some input about who will be his replacement.

Popovich is the oldest head coach in NBA history And one of only two coaches in league history to have held that position in the 70s.

He has been the head coach of Spurs since December 1996, making him the longest-serving head coach in the NBA. For more than a decade. Eric Spoilstra He took over in April 200, becoming the league’s second-longest-serving coach. No other coach has retained their current job before 2014.

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