Is Elder Scroll Down Online? How to check status

Sometimes Elder Scrolls goes down online and it’s hard to say exactly why. At other times there may be a problem with the account server and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation, but there are some tools available to get those answers.

Typically, when players are looking for an answer to Elder Scrolls going down online, they want to make sure that the problem is not towards their end. Genimax is usually at the top when it comes to letting players know when maintenance will happen, but the information isn’t always clear. In this case, players need to check the status of the Elder Scrolls online.

How to check server status of online Elder Scrolls

When players search for Elder Scrolls online server status, they will probably be greeted by a page on the official site that contains all that information. Anyone who has not had a chance to find the status page, the link can be found here.

On the page, there is a lot of different information to pay attention to all the variables that can affect the status of the server. The page basically lists the history of service alerts from Genimax which lets players know what’s happening. At the top of the page, the latest service updates will be visible. This may include problems with the website’s accounts, or maintenance that may occur soon.

The launcher for Elder Scrolls Online will usually alert players if scheduled maintenance is to occur, which occurs between about 4.00am EST. But all unintentional server issues will appear in the service alerts.

Where to look if there is no service alert for Elder Scrolls online servers

If the servers don’t work and the service alerts are empty, this could be a problem with the console or the Internet provider. For players with an Internet problem, an external solution will be required. However, console players have problems they can go back to the support page.

On the same server status page, players can find links to Xbox and PlayStation server status. If there is a problem with either of these servers, the console players will struggle to log in or try to play. Hopefully this won’t be necessary often, but the site is available to anyone who is having trouble with Elder Scrolls online.

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