Is Daxy Chain’s Crowdfunding Tokenization Technology the Key to Crypto 4.0?

Since the beginning of 2008, the cryptocurrency industry has witnessed several eras; The current era of Crypto 1.0, Crypto 2.0, and Crypto 3.0.

According to Globe Newsware, the concept of bitcoin and payment currencies led to the era of Crypto 1.0, while Ethereum led to the era of Crypto 2.0. Crypto 2.0 focuses on the blockchain technology underlying cryptocurrency, which gave birth to the tokenization revolution. However, following the Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol, some issues such as scalability, high cost, and transaction speed remain.

The era of Crypto 3.0 aims to address these issues by creating common blockchains and more effective tokenization solutions in the crypto industry. Just as Cisco and Intel built the infrastructure needed to build the Internet, major crypto 3.0 players are now building the infrastructure needed to support the token revolution.

This brings us to Crypto 4.0. Where Crypto 3.0 focuses on technology-based solutions, Crypto 4.0 goes one step further ব্যবহার using well-organized tokenization technology to deliver useful solutions that will solve the problems of actual consumers.

There are already several projects in the blockchain space that are beginning the next big evolution of the industry.

One of the emerging leaders in these projects is Duxy Chain.

What is Daxy Chain?

Currently being developed by Global Wealthtech Company, Daxy, Daxy Chain is a new global tokenized crowdfunding system. The technology innovation is designed to bridge the funding gap. “There are thousands of investing ideas and entrepreneurs in the global enterprise economy, a significant proportion of which are unavailable to everyday investors,” he said. Daksi CEO Ian Lowe said. “The current equity funding sector is worth 10 billion. However, with the integration of the Daxie chain into this sector, we believe that this sector can market up to $ 1 trillion.

Daxy Chain’s crowdfunding tokenization technology is custom-built to solve customer-centric problems in the crypto space. It will be built on Dacxi’s global network of crypto wealth platforms, which are part of the Dacxi ecosystem.

Dacxi chain technology will be highly controlled, incredibly secure and completely crowd-centric. Its main focus will be to help everyday investors gain access to investment opportunities that, before now, were exclusively reserved for the top brass of society. Once this complex and sophisticated system goes live, the Doxy Chain Hyper-Growth Innovation will allow the democratization of investments-making it accessible to all investors. It doesn’t matter who or where they are.

Crypto 0.0 will try to solve the consumer-centric problem, and it has been fixed for the Daxy chain. The signs point to the Daxy chain that led the charge for the implementation of the crypto 4.0 era.

Daxy ecosystem

Dacxi is a global fintech company, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore. The company is a pioneer behind crypto wealth, an exciting emerging sector in the crypto space. Dacxi’s mission is to provide the necessary education for everyday people so that they build the confidence they need to build their wealth with crypto. Dacxi has already established successful operations in both the UK and Australia. Today, they are on their way to building a global network of more than 100 local licensed-regulated crypto wealth platforms. They also plan to create the world’s largest token marketing organization. Plans to launch in 2022, the Dacxi chain crowdfunding tokenization technology will play a key role in the growing Dacxi ecosystem.

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