Investigation: No evidence why Evander gambled games

The NHL has completed an investigation into Evander Kane And allegations that he gambled in league games. They found no evidence to support the allegations, or why the allegations made any attempt to have a negative impact on his own game. Patterson Belknap Web & Tyler LLP conducted the investigation in conjunction with NHL Security. Earlier this off-season, Kane’s estranged wife complained on social media, prompting an investigation.

The report states:

The investigation found no evidence that Ms. Kane’s allegations were true. Why bet or otherwise gamble in NHL games, and Mr. There is no evidence to suggest why he ‘threw the game’ or did not put forward his best efforts to help. The sharks won the game. On the contrary, the evidence casts doubt on the veracity of the allegations.

Although Mr. Why the allegations were denied, our inquiries are not based on this denial but on other evidence uncovered during the investigation.

The investigation examined social media, public data, court filings, sports betting data and analysis from Kane’s bankruptcy and divorce process, as well as interviews with members of the shark organization and Kane himself. His wife refused to take part in the investigation.

Although he has been acquitted of gambling charges, the release reveals that a separate investigation into Ken is underway:

Additional unrelated allegations, however, have been brought to our attention by Mr. Kane alleging potential wrongdoing. These allegations are being thoroughly investigated and the National Hockey League will not comment further on them pending the completion of their process.

AJ Perez of Front Office Sports Kane’s wife reportedly filed a Domestic Violence Prevention Order yesterday as part of her divorce lawsuit alleging multiple incidents of sexual harassment and domestic battery. Ken’s attorney made it clear that the shark forward denied all of those allegations. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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