Investigation and Alec Baldwin Live Update

Two crew members told CNN that Hannah Reid-Guterres, 24, who was the main gunman on the set of “Rust,” had mishandled the weapons in a previous film project.

Steve Brumbagh, the original grip of “The Old Way,” told CNN that Reed-Guterres recklessly operated the gun on the set of that project and he asked the film’s assistant director to fire him.

“There’s a universal way to handle weapons on set and the red flag went up as soon as I worked with Hannah,” Brumbug said. “That’s why I told him to get fired.”

“That’s why people get hurt because of a cunning mistake,” he said.

CNN reached out to the film’s production company and assistant director for comment. CNNO has reached out to Reed-Guterres.

Brumbaugh cites an incident where Reed-Guterres fired from a gun at film star Nicholas Cage without warning.

“Make an announcement! You just blew my eardrums!” According to Brumbaugh, Cage screamed in response and then walked away angry.

“He was talking to the stunt coordinator, and he only fired one round, it was heard. [like she fired] On the ground, and then Nick really lay down in her. That’s when I said I need to let him go, he’s the most inexperienced Armor I’ve ever worked with. I don’t know why he was not released. ”

CNN reached out to Cage for comment.

Brumbaugh’s allegations were first reported by The Wrap.

Reed-Guterres is the daughter of longtime Armor Thell Reed of Hollywood Armor. “Rust” was his second picture as an armor. He said in an episode of The Voice of the West podcast in September that he was “nervous” to work on “The Old Way.”

“I almost didn’t take the job because I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but I’m doing it, like it went really smoothly,” he said during the podcast.

A source who worked on “The Old Way” and asked not to include their names for fear of professional retaliation told CNN that they also expressed concern about Reed-Guterres’ work on the project.

“He left the set with the live round without any announcement to the cast and crew by him,” the source said. “He never announced to anyone that he was walking with him on a set loaded with empty firearms.”

“He did not carry a firearm safely. He had a pistol strapped to his armpit and a rifle in each hand that was ready for use in the scene,” the man added. “Firearms aimed at people. He turned around and the pistols stuck under his armpits were pointing at people.”

On Wednesday, Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said investigators believe there was a “suspicious live round” in the gun fired by “Rusty” producer and star Alec Baldwin.

Mendoza said Reed-Guterres, Baldwin and others on the “rust” set during the shooting were cooperating with the investigation.

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