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Press release. Blockchain company DRepublic has announced the launch of their innovative integrated NFT platform MetaCore and NFT product Legoot using the new EIP-3664 modularity.

Creators of the blockchain MMORPG game “Cradles: Origin of Species” Republic Using the new EIP-3664 modularity, Metacore has now created the first integrated NFT platform. With this groundbreaking new technology, DRepublic has also created the first integrated NFT product: Legit, and at the same time opened up a whole new world of possibilities in both the NFT space and the larger blockchain industry.

What is EIP-3664?

EIP-3664 is the next infrastructure level of NFTs and on-chain development, significantly improving the effectiveness of the previous 1155 (multi-token) and 721 (non-fungible token) standards. The most relevant advancement EIP-3664 offer is its segmentation and integration features that enable arbitrary adjustment of all NFTs. The most important feature of the EIP-3664 is its adjustable, detachable and interchangeable features that can be used for any type of NFT activity through the blockchain.

Users can now use EIP-3664 to create a myriad of different products without having to repeat the task. This level of customization opens the door to the extensibility of the Metaverse ecosystem and NFT resources for the first time.

Meta Core: NFT Identity System

The Meta core The platform is an identity system and Layer-2 ecosystem that allows all Metaverse citizens to join alternative Metaverse using a unique Metacore identity. With citizens’ ability to connect to multiple metavers, creatives are less likely to engage in cross-chain / open-source community collaboration.

Imagine a new variety of multi-component NFTs with the limitation of a single static-image fragment, with almost unlimited levels of customization and differentiation. The Metacore Identity Attribute is this gateway, and the subsequent advancement of integrated modular NFTs, with the addition and removal of arbitrary attributes, freely integrates and divides each component.

Metacore uses blockchain smart contracts that allow users to sign contracts with others with their own specific terms and conditions, which can be identified through the blockchain. MataCore Login ID exceeds the old password login standard and is already supported by Cradles: Origin of the species, And Lego.

Legout: Real Lego Loot

The NFT Loot Box is a hot item at the moment but offers NFT rewards with only limited functionality. MetaCor has already adapted to multiple Metaverse blockchain games and legumes, a loot-like project aimed at utilizing the full potential of the EIP-3664 which is changeable.

So far, NFT items have a single purpose and price, but the Legut NFT assembly toy enables free assembly and separation of its own parts that can be sold individually.

Think of the legout as a true NFT lego that players can use to mount the NFT digital identity to a metacore if needed, such as splitting NFT weapon items into multiple pieces for individual sales.

Cradles: Origin of the species

Cradles: Origin of the species A prehistoric blockchain MMORPG game that has the potential to disrupt the entire blockchain gaming world through the power and unique functionality of the EIP-3664. This new game NFT feature can be summarized in four sections

  • Variable qualities: NFT attack power and life value, both can be reduced or increased.
  • Transferable properties: NFT properties may be transferred to other NFTs in the event of destruction or other conditions.
  • Upgradable Features: Players can pay a fee to upgrade / increase the NFT level, along with other quality enhancements.
  • Developed Properties: NFTs that evolve automatically over time, and mimic the properties of time in the real world, so that NFTs have time-changing features.

Unlimited possibilities

These unique new features are just a glimpse of the possibilities that EIP-3664 and Meta core Can provide in an NFT context. The flexibility of this versatile architecture provides unlimited possibilities for the expansion of NFT features. For example, in the past users could buy an NBA player card, but now they can own an entire team NFT with numerous individual players, all of which can be isolated for individual sales and have different functions and statistics.

EIP-3664 smart contracts can be reused as building blocks that are created for an infinite number of new uses for blockchain technology that go beyond theoretical. MetaCore is now looking at NFT game collaboration as its explosion in Metaverse begins. All features are now available Lego, To create their first integrated NFT for users.

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