Ingram: Biden is preparing the United States for a ‘long winter’

Between President Biden’s decision and the West’s decision, including ordering employers to fire ineffective workers, continuing to pay Americans for not working, his failure to address supply chain problems that backlog U.S. ports, and domestic fuel policy that has pushed gas prices close to 4 4. At around $ 5 a gallon, Democrats are preparing America for their “long winter,” Laura Ingram said in her “Ingram Angle” comment Monday.

From the first day Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, through vaccine-mandate-related unrest at U.S. airports last weekend and today, Biden and his cabinet have proven to the American people that they are not good enough to rule, Host said.

“We already know that Biden’s team is incapable on many fronts, their embarrassing performances in Afghanistan. Is on track to receive everything through compassionate management, ”he said.

Ingraham noted that President Trump left Biden with a strong economic, border security and vaccine supply situation, but the Delaware Democrats began to ruin it almost immediately.

“What Biden had to do was make number one, make vaccines more widely available, number two, repeal all restrictions on economic activity and number three, the Trump-era policy and the hard work of the American people to get us back to a thriving economy we enjoyed before Covid.” He said.

“Of course, they’ve done just the opposite. They’ve overturned Trump’s policy, violated the vaccine order and intimidated the public into staying home. And over the last few days we’ve seen how Biden’s radical program is affecting the economy. It all started with Friday’s unbearable job report.” “

He noted that gas prices have risen by an average%% since last winter, and that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm – a former Democratic governor of Michigan – is “working hard to turn it around.”

In a clip, Granholm declares that America does not have its own oil and gas supply and that it is dependent on the market – while adding that it is important to focus on moving to a “clean energy environment.”

Ingraham said Granholm is either “stupid himself, or we think” – pointing to the fact that America actually has the power to generate energy, has a national strategic petroleum reserve, and billions of dollars of luxury oil and gas would be caught in places like Alaska, Pennsylvania, New York, North Dakota and Texas.

Ingraham told Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Transport Secretary Pete Batigieg and cargo ship barriers at American ports because of inflation, and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh that he had “no answer” to the current labor shortage.

“When you look at everything together,” Ingram said, “the totality of incompetence is pretty striking.”

“So it looks like we’re in a long and difficult winter – a winter of scarcity and despair, especially for Americans living in cities suffocated by order, and you throw cold weather into it, my goodness,” he said.

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“There is no way to protect Biden’s policy or his performance … I’m sure you all think it’s frustrating, we’re on a fair ride and yes, we’re for a while,” he said.

“But let’s never succumb to despair. The day after the election I said this, keep your upper lip tight, we know how and in time to turn everything around. Carter’s years were led by Ronald Reagan and if the American people are smart and I think If they are, then the Biden years will lead to new and improved economic policies after 2024. “

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