Ingram: Biden ‘Full Sharpton’ – ‘lies’ about border patrols, encourages IRS to monitor average Americans

In her “Ingram Angle” solo play, host Laura Ingram says President Joe Biden has gone “completely Sharpton” with a truth-free condemnation of border patrol agents and a truth-free condemnation of entering the nation on a political issue.

Biden said Friday that people are being “trapped” by Mounted Border Patrol agents, with agents promising that agents will “pay them” despite evidence that agents are acting in accordance with their responsibilities and using restraint as a common thing in Western equestrianism.

“There’s a lot to be done in the middle of Biden to consolidate the country and save its presidency,” Ingram said. “That amiable old woman running for president with a pledge to unite with us has decided that the hard left is her only option. And we know what the hard left is thinking about law enforcement.”

“Whether it’s a dangerous urban area police, or Texas Border Patrol trying to prevent crossings by illegal immigrants, Democratic Party-led fundamentalists will always believe it will help them politically.”

Ingraham said Biden now has a lot to do with the rest of the Left, adding that Democrats are making the same mistake they did a few years ago when they and the mainstream media falsely accused a teenage Catholic school student in North Kentucky during the March for Life at Lincoln Memorial. Explicitly racist treatment of a person of Native American descent.

“It’s incredibly stupid, which is why Orange Harris was happy to join it,” Ingraham commented, claiming the vice president was “outraged” by agents on horseback who claimed they had to control their characteristic Scottish equations.

“Yet by imitating the Al Sharpton race shuffle Joe and Orange make themselves look smaller and less serious,” he said.

From pictures of immigrant revolts in Del Rio to pictures of slave-trader border agents, “it’s all a big” change of subject “step. In a free fall.”

He added that Biden’s commitment to “follow science” has led global pharma giant Pfizer and NIAID Dr. What Anthony Fawcett wrote seems to have evolved to follow strictly.

The New York City-based company is one of three manufacturers who have created vaccine shots, along with Moderena in Massachusetts and Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey.

“We’ve bought enough booster shots and the state and pharmacies, doctors’ offices and community health centers have been preparing for some time to take shots in arms, booster shots,” Biden said in a clip from the host earlier this month – for which he commented: “Fausi and Pfizer Whatever he wants, Fawcett and Pfizer get. “

“And it puts pressure on 25 percent of adults who have refused the vaccine. Biden thinks he can be persuaded and insulted in the way of popularity,” he added, adding that Biden now points out that most Americans are at risk of being shot or losing their jobs. Unable to eat or shop.

Ingraham noted that while Biden was issuing an ultimatum to Americans, they still need nothing to limit illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States – where they are not subject to the same vaccine verification procedures as regular Americans.

“So free me from the perceived worries about spreading the disease and using hospital beds,” he said.

Ingraham added that Biden also announced plans to expand the scope of internal revenue services to lower and working-class bank account holders with only a few hundred dollars in their accounts.

Biden announced that he would “re-employ some IRS agents নয় not to give people something that is not their own কেবল just [to] Say hey, get on top and pay like everyone else. “

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“Biden isn’t just going to run the whole of Sharpton, and lying about Covid, he’s going to be on the whole squad, not just the rich, but anyone on a small bank account,” Ingram said.

“What a scandal-now we know — an important part of Joe’s job plan is to increase the number of IRS agents so that they can be severely harassed.Working American, “he said.” Does that mean Reverend Al will pay in the end?

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