Inflation rose 5.4% in September compared to last year – a 13-year high

Inflation rose 5.4% year on year in September – the highest rate in 13 years!

Prices rose 0.4% in September, up from 0.3% in August

Gas, food and commodities are the main drivers of inflation.
Gas has risen 25% under Joe Biden – the poor and middle class have suffered the most.

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CBC.com reports:

Inflation rose to a 13-year high in September, as rising spending on food and shelter pushed it to 5.4 percent.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said in a statement that higher prices for food and shelter have halved the overall rate. But the largest was the growth class of the individual class, whose spending increased by about 25 percent last year.

Economists had expected the figure to come close to 5.3 percent, the highest rate since 2013.

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