In the US Congress, Biden has presented an investment plan in a stalemate News of politics

The U.S. president traveled to Michigan in an effort to sell his infrastructure and social proposals to the American public.

Faced with a stalemate in Congress, U.S. President Joe Biden traveled to the state of Michigan on Tuesday to sell his ambitious social spending and infrastructure proposals directly to the American public.

Biden’s signature লার 3.5.5 trillion in spending and tax proposals and a ১ 1 trillion infrastructure bill have blocked the road to Capitol Hill because members of the president’s Democratic Party are unable to agree on the size and scope of his proposal.

“These bills are about competition versus complacency. They are about opportunity, against loss.

“Supporting these investments supports America’s rise – Americans are leaving,” Biden said. “To oppose this investment is to engage in the collapse of America.”

The poll shows a slide in his approval rating, with Biden facing a crucial moment for his presidency এবং and failing to pass both bills could stall his agenda for the rest of his four-year term.

President Joe Biden is seeking a lawsuit over his massive spending proposal [Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

Biden wanted to sue for his spending plan, saying the investments would help working-class families and make the United States more competitive globally. Michigan carmakers are betting on a significant shift toward electric vehicles – which will help drive both bills.

“Here in Michigan, we need to make sure that American self-employed people operate the world’s electric vehicles,” Biden told Rep. Elisa Slotkin on Tuesday, whose congressional district the president was visiting.

Slotkin is among a number of leading Democrats who have called on Biden to make his proposals more forceful to the American public.

Biden needs congressional moderates to keep up with his high-cost spending plans. A moderate, Democratic senator Joe Manchin has proposed bringing back the proposed $ 3.5-trillion, 10-year budget plan to 1.5 1.5 trillion.

White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre told reporters traveling with the president that Biden and the Democrats were limited to reducing the cost of the proposed programs, which were being seen as a means of testing. The program includes two free years of universal pre-kindergarten education and community college.

Back in Washington DC, negotiations continue between White House officials and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate to get both bills passed.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a top House Democrat, could not win support from a large section of progressives to pass the $ 1-trillion infrastructure bill until a deal was reached on the 3.5 3.5-trillion big budget package blocked by Manchin. In the Senate.

Biden has been meeting with a small group of legislators at the White House.

On Monday, he met with leading Progressive legislators, including Representative Pramila Jaipal, who chairs the House Progressive Caucus, while Biden House moderates met before leaving for Michigan on Tuesday.

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