In Haiti, the kidnappers demanded 17 17 million from the Free Missionary Group

Mr Jean Jin, director of the human rights group, said the group, once a relatively small criminal operation conducted in rural areas and smuggled in stolen vehicles, expanded its criminal activities in the turbulent months following the assassination of the president. Forming alliances with other armed groups, it was able to control an area extending from Port-au-Prince east to the border of the Dominican Republic একটি an area that police gang members were unable to follow.

“The police are powerless,” Mr Jean said.

Mr Jean Jin said the Ma00 Mao gang was responsible for 60 per cent of the abductions from July to September. They have been blamed for the abduction of five priests and two nuns this year, and local news reports say a well-known sculptor, Anderson Ballon, was killed, according to local community reports.

Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinken said the State Department is working with the FBI, the Haitian National Police, churches and other groups to secure the release of the hostages. But he noted that the abductions “also indicate a larger problem and that this is a security situation that is quite simply unstable.”

Mr. Blinken said the United States will continue to support Haitian police and community programs in their efforts to prevent gang violence. “But it’s an extremely challenging and long-term process,” he said.

The gangs have gained so much power that they have taken on almost institutional roles in some communities, said Mr. In the morning, instead of the police or providing basic services such as street cleaning.

“They set foot for the state,” he said.

The growing gang presence, and now the attack on a group of missionaries, has put a strain on other aid agencies and projects in the country.

In Fund Parisian, about 20 minutes from where the abduction took place, there is another mission project called Redeemed Vocational School, which teaches business such as auto mechanics, sewing and computer skills. Kenlin Miller, 46, chairman of the board of schools in Gambier, Ohio, said the group was planning to build a large school building, but the violence has made travel and supplies difficult to find.

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