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Last September, Qatar hosted the first direct talks between the Afghan authorities and the Taliban in its capital, Doha, and the emir stressed his country’s continued support for peace.

Maintain ‘real profit’

“By coordinating with our international partners, we will continue to do what we need to do to ensure that the real profits earned on the Doha route are maintained. It is essential that the parties keep their promises,” he said. Interpreter

Since the Taliban took power in August, the United Nations has repeatedly declared that it will stand by and support the Afghan people in pursuing peace, stability, development and respect for human rights for all.

The emir emphasized Qatar’s “firm position” on the protection of civilians in Afghanistan, respect for human rights, the fight against terrorism and the achievement of a political solution that would ensure the country’s security and stability.

Help separate from politics

“In this regard, we emphasize the importance of the international community’s continued support to the Afghan people at this critical juncture and the separation between humanitarian assistance and political differences,” he said.

“It is also important to continue the dialogue with the Taliban. Boycotting them will only polarize and react, where the dialogue can be fruitful.”

On the Afghanistan issue, he said, “It is not a matter of victory or defeat but of failure to import a political system. Despite the purpose, effort or investment of money, this experience of Afghanistan is shattered after 20 years.”

Do not neglect Syria

This year marks more than a decade since the start of the war in Syria, and the crisis continues to pose a “huge threat” with the growing threat of terrorism in the country, the region and the world.

“We should not turn a blind eye to the Syrian issue,” Amir said. Other areas. “

Libya gains, Yemen suffers

Turning to Libya, Amir spoke of the positive developments that have led to a ceasefire, the resumption of the Libyan political dialogue forum and the emergence of “cautious optimism” as an interim authority.

“We call on all parties in Libya to safeguard these gains and work to ensure the full implementation of what has been agreed on the political, economic and security tracks, and to hold successful elections and reach a comprehensive agreement,” he said.

The development stems from a landmark agreement reached between Libya’s two warring administrations, which reached Geneva in October 2020.

The agreement was negotiated under the auspices of the United Nations Mission in Libya, UNSMIL, which supports efforts to hold historic historic presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for December.

The emir also spoke about the seven-year war in Yemen between government forces backed by the Saudi coalition and the Ansarullah movement, also known as the Houthis.

He warned that this war has created a tragic humanitarian situation and the risk of division that could lead to further conflict.

While reaffirming Yemen’s unity and “integrity” for regional integrity, he said Qatar’s position was that the only way out of the crisis was through dialogue between the two sides on the basis of national dialogue, the 2011 Gulf Cooperation Council initiative and the relevant UN Security Council resolution.

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