If Tampa Bay Ray could spend more for the players, should they?

How is Ray doing this?
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The most exciting aspect of competing and winning at AL East in Tampa Bay Rey – Kevin Cash has re-emerged as AL Manager of the Year and this week has been honored by Randy Arrojarena Home Rookie of the Year – how could they not do it despite their financial deficit . But almost with their help.

Don’t pay too much for running backs or centers with unusual lines unless they’re all over the world, maybe baseball franchises should consider spending less money. I asked one of my Ray Fan friends (they exist!) If Tampa could really pay for these players, would he want them, and he had no answer – except for Wonder Franco.

There is obviously more subtlety than Tamper. “Spend less, win more games “ But it raises the question: ITampa (Or say Auckland) The Yankees and the Red Sox had assets, would they go from perennial to dynastic? Or will the pressure of being able to spend with top-tier teams weaken them for the same wrong move that enables you to pay your best players and pay your role players extra?

There are many reasons for the success of ray rays. You can point to scouting, player development, managing, culture, etc., and then there’s the introductory factor.

Information is very important in a game like baseball (wow, Shawn, Genius Tech, maybe Ray will hire you later) and if your opponent’s tendencies are shrouded in mystery because they are a bunch of recent minor leagues that have no big league then information on them can be a factor. , As well.

I can think of countless cardinal players who looked like All-Stars – David Fris is an old example, Aledmis Diaz is a more current example, And Paul Dizong is an example who is still in St. Louis – until the Pitchers had a scouting report on them.

The lesson here is not to get rid of the possibilities before finding them, but to respond to the possibilities and not to pay extra. Ray’s financial situation is such that they can’t pay the players, so fans don’t see any benefit in putting pressure on him and don’t put external pressure on the franchise.

External pressure is something the Yankees and Red Sox all know, and it’s hard not to convince fans with signing when you have the money to do it. And, having lost this whole debate, Ray (and A’s) still couldn’t win a world series by setting up this strategy.

One could argue that the inability of the Yankees to consider when talking about failure (and less Red Sox) is a greater variable, so larger markets should have more long-term planning and lower shopping-luxury costs.

Although multiple truths can coexist. The rays have a system in place that works for them, but that doesn’t mean it should be seen as a model by the rest of baseball.

What Tampa is doing should be appreciated by the small markets and studied by the big ones: what aspects of their system are working and how you get results using your own methods. Because big-market fanbases need good reason to trade their best players or let them run their free agency – even whichever team continues to win their division.

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