If anti-CST parents believe the White House is a ‘domestic terrorist’

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jane Saki avoided a reporter’s question that the Biden administration has seen parents who protest critical racism theory become domestic terrorists.

Psyche made his remarks during a briefing at the Daily White House.

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Psaki Dodges Question, twice

“A week ago, the National School Boards Association wrote a letter to the president saying that their teachers thought that the recent protests by some parents could be tantamount to a form of domestic terrorism,” Peter Ducie told Fox News.

Dusi asked, “So does the administration agree that parents can be upset with their children’s curriculum and become domestic terrorists?”

Dossey’s letter noted that Attorney General Merrick Garland was recently asked to ask the FBI to identify him as a “threat of harassment, intimidation and violence” by parents at a school board meeting concerned about the curriculum and mask order described to the FBI.

Psaki replied, “The judiciary has said … Threats against government employees are not only illegal, they counter the core values ​​of our nation.”

“It’s true,” Psaki insisted. “These are threats against government employees, threats against school board members. Regardless of the argument, threats and violence against government employees are illegal. ”

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Ducie: ‘Will the FBI fix the administration using patriotic laws to save these parents?’

This response did not answer Dukey’s original question.

Of course violence and the threat of violence are illegal. However, this question was not asked.

So he was steadfast. Ducie asked Saki if the administration would support the FBI’s use of Patriot law to target these parents.

“What the School Boards Association wants is for the administration to consider using patriotic laws to investigate some of these school board protesters. So will the administration use patriotic laws to survey these parents with the FBI?”

Psaki dodged again.

“I do not speak on behalf of the National School Boards Association,” he replied. “I am speaking on behalf of this government.”

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