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Press release. Using IExec Oracle Factory, developers are able to create their own decentralized Oracle with just the URL and key of the API.

12 OctoberM, Lion, France, 2021iExec, A decentralized market for asset calculation, has announced the launch iExec Oracle Factory, A developer interface that lets anyone create their own Oracle, from scratch, in minutes without blockchain knowledge and directly from their browser.

For decentralized applications to solve real world problems, they need to use real word data. Decentralized oracles play a key role in blockchain-based architecture, Acting As a bridge between the blockchain and the real world. However, Developers who want to create their own Oracle need existing blockchain knowledge and can take hours to code from scratch.

iExec iExec is releasing Oracle Factory, making Oracle accessible to everyone. IExec Oracle Factory is an interface that allows anyone to create their own decentralized Oracle in just a few clicks. IExec Oracle Factory makes it possible to use a whole range of blockchains, allowing developers to deploy Oracle from any type of data: from sports results to NFT prices, from temperature to flight schedules.

Create custom, trusted Oracle in minutes

Several companies today offer decentralized Oracle ready for use. With Oracle Factory, iExec The goal of meeting custom Oracle requirements is to provide a tool that allows anyone to create not only their own sentence, but also trustworthy.

The IExec Oracle Factory interface is designed to be as easy to use as possible:

  • With Oracle Factory, it takes just 5 minutes and a few clicks to create a custom Oracle. Typically, it takes 1 or 2 hours of code to create an Oracle from scratch.
  • Using Oracle Factory, there is no need to write any lines of code or even have a blockchain Knowledge.
  • Oracle can be created directly from the web browser, using the URL of the API from which the data needs to be extracted (including the private API key if the API is not public).

In addition to creating an Oracle in minutes, iExec allows ‘trusted’ Oracle using Oracle Factory Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology. TI technology uses hardware enclaves to secure API keys and collected data, ensuring they are confidential, secure and disguise-proof. Along with Oracle Factory, IXEC’s goal is to make TE technology accessible to all while creating Oracle.

Once created, users have the option to share their custom Oracle with the community by including it in their iExec Oracle Factory Gallery. This will list Oracles created within the Oracle Factory Gallery interface, making them accessible to other users and developers. Preset Oracle, ready for use as an example for the IXEX Oracle Factory community.

Today, iExec has released the beta version of Oracle Factory. There will be several product upgrades to include more technical features, which will allow developers to quickly implement smart contracts and deploy decentralized applications.

IExec enters Oracle factory Here

About IExec

iExec A blockchain company that provides a decentralized marketplace for asset calculation, allowing anyone to monetize or rent datasets, decentralized applications, and computing power. Used to organize blockchain Exchange between stakeholders with the highest level of confidence and security without central authority. IXEC owns its own utility token, RLC, which is used as a payment method in the market. The company works with well-known partners such as Intel, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

To learn more about IXEC and its innovative new Oracle factory, visit their main website Here.

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