I tried hacking viral tick tock to fit baggy jeans

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I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the biggest tic tac toe style, but I’ve kept my way open around apps like this, discovering tips and style hacks from various closet organizations along the way, especially one trend stuck with me. Emma Chamberlain, Laurie Harvey and Bella Hadid at Classic Baggy To achieve the “Mom Jean” look, women are tying their buttons through a belt loop nearby, making the material around the waistband suitable for fixing very large pants. Almost like a paper-bag trouser, denim then grips perfectly at the waist but still loosens the legs.

When I happened to be on a pair of Mavi jeans that were too big on me – just two sizes too big – I knew I had to try to pull the look. This particular pair also came in a light, livable wash, which I like and the denim was more stretchy than stiff. In just one, two steps (Siara will be proud), I pulled the center button to the right near the belt loop and hooked it up, tying it in such a way that the zipper appeared a bit outside the center কিন্তু but that’s deconstructed aesthetic so many brands have been going lately, R13, Re / Done, Y Project, Vetements, and much more with asymmetrical denim. Even denim skirts with “twisted zippers” are being introduced these days, so the off-kilter look didn’t necessarily bother me, and it doesn’t seem to bother all tick-tack users who use the technique.

Scroll down to see exactly how to get the look with your sloppy jeans and buy some tough pairs that I think will work if you’re in the new denim market. Just remember: buy two sizes. You can always pull from your SO’s closet if they’re a few sizes bigger than you!

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