I have a solution for all the Dodgers and Yankees fans who are frustrated about MLB’s one-game playoffs.

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I have noticed that Dodgers fans are anxious to defend themselves even before the first pitch about the unfairness of the play-off system which has seen their team win 106 matches but has faced the humiliation of not being able to play wild-card games. The Yankees have been nicely followed up with fans ’complaints last night, because nothing happens until they’re in New York and LA, right?

Okay, let’s fix this in a way that MLB will never accept. Fans need to understand that the six categories are their own competition, especially with an unbalanced schedule. It is not fair for teams from different divisions to compete for the same play-off spots, as they play different schedules. We want to determine issues from teams that have gone through the same schedule, because that’s the best way to judge what qualifies.

Because the playoff expansion is coming, let’s take it. Here’s what it should look like but never: The winners of the three divisions in each league now go to the division series. And then we’re going to submit three second place teams in the wild card round. Not competing with each other, don’t have to worry about losing to a team that has lost 19 matches or breeds against Oriel and 38 or any other game against the Pirates. Three first place teams, three second place teams in each league.

What then? Oh, you’re going to like it. We’re going to let the MLB artificially create the chaos we were rooting for last weekend, because they like to do it. The three second-placed teams would be randomly drawn to that ABC lineup if the three teams had tied for the last three wild-card spots. A and B will play a game, the loser will play C, and then the winner of that game will play the winner of the first game for the wild-card game.

Yes, it can be a lot of travel, but maybe you will deal with the fact that all three games will be held in a stadium of three, also drawn randomly. Or maybe the extra travel benefit gets seed number 1. Either way, we’re not comparing different schedules. All second-placed teams are considered equal, and have to win two draws, possibly traveling three times, only to advance to the main draw. They cannot worry about unjust arrangements. They’re in this mess because they weren’t as good as anyone else in their division, and the random draw gives them the same odds as the other two teams.

It’s different, too, and the random draw on Sunday night, the last day of the season, could be a huge draw for three wild-card games.

I did it for you. Now wonder how it won’t be.

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