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I collect business shares. I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. Not always successful. I use a certain type of non-fungal token called a stock certificate. I never put my hand on the certificate, it lives somewhere in digital form, multiverse. A company called DTC confirms that I get the shares I bought. And then I caught them. Sometimes I will trade them for digital dollars that I never see or touch, but after that I am trading those dollars for another pile of virtual stock certificates. People will say “You’re crazy, why would you want to buy a fraction of a company that you would never touch and hold in your hand?” And I’m like “you just don’t understand”.

My portfolio of virtual business ownership tokens gives me real business ownership rights in the online-nine world. As such, for example, I own shares in a real estate investment trust, which is a type of NFT that owns land and property and all that generates land and property is required to pay 90% of the rental income. They pass it on to me and other people who own a fraction of the trust. And the share I have in the virtual state is not only cool, it’s also a cool one that I can go to see our real buildings in all the cities and towns in America. If I want, I can touch them. I know they are there, standing, working, taking cash and paying. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about whether this token will be cool enough if someone else wants to buy it from me. I get cash flow and distribution from it as long as I maintain ownership of it.

I bought a long, long time ago some level one protocol which has been appreciated enough in price. These include commercial, online-viewing certificates indicating my ownership of projects known as Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan and Nvidia. These are the protocols that started as corporations but eventually became platforms – the base level on which millions of other businesses were built. From one day to the next, they become adaptable and can sometimes lose their cooling factor over the years. But they produce cash flow and I own the certificate that gives me the right to a part of that cash flow forever, as long as these certificates are listed on digital exchanges. Unfortunately, they don’t have the fuzzy jpegs of cool kitty cat avatars or zombies associated with them. That’s right, it’s my own personal collection and I’m not displaying it on Twitter for strangers anyway. It is very difficult for me to take part in one of these base layer protocol ownership certificates because of how important they are to the ecosystem.

Now, you might be saying to yourself “why would this idiot waste his money collecting digital stock certificates and business cash flow when he could buy drawings for Ukrainian college students?” I admit, there is really no great answer to this. Maybe I’ll catch up sometime, but I’m old school. Maybe I have a bad taste in my collection.

Some people like to collect baseball cards and others like comic books. Stamps, rare automobiles, rock n roll souvenirs, antique furniture, old books, wine jewelry, autographed jerseys and even beautiful stones are taken out of the ground and have a collector of polish in a shine. Lately, there have been photo collectors that have been painted by others or created through software. To collect these pictures they have to compete with speculators who are not passionate and only turn a small dollar amount into a big size by buying and selling. Some collectors became collectors because as the quality of their paintings increased, so did their own self-esteem. Some collectors are so attached to the pictures they buy that the pictures become part of their identity – “I am the person who bought them. This At a much lower price than the picture I can sell on the internet today. “

For some collectors, collecting is not enough. Everyone around them needs – friends, family or strangers, it doesn’t matter – they also need to be aware of their collection. They must preach the benefits of their collection and give advice to those who were not intelligent enough to do it for them. “My work is not done here until everyone in the world acknowledges my expertise in getting this monkey NFT for $ 36,000 before someone else achieves a similar monkey NFT for $ 91,000. You’ll bend your knees to me the next time you see Virgin Twitter.”

And that’s nice, I guess. Everyone has their own tastes that they like to collect and have their own way of expressing it. My mother-in-law likes porcelain and glass elephants. He’s not talking to them anywhere day or night or turning them into his precious elephant statue by changing the photo ID on his driver’s license. They just sit on a shelf and make him happy.

I like to collect the best business cashflow in the world. I keep them high in my account, adding them when values ​​fall, automatically buying more when paying dividends and distributions. My collection grows every year. I can’t touch it. I can’t hold it. It’s virtual, it’s digital, it lives in an online environment created by brokerage firms and exchanges. There are many collections like this, but this is mine. I count the cash flows that come my way when I’m in a bad mood and it makes me happy again. I think everyone should collect things that make them happy.

Here is a copy of my favorite NFTs. It is a stock certificate representing the actual ownership of the current and future cash flows of the most profitable company in the history of the world. The certificate is digital, but I have a record of its ownership in the immutable custody chain. It’s pretty sweet:

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