Hyde’s correction is a new obstacle to Biden’s spending plan

The White House is again in conflict with a senior senator from West Virginia.

Joe Manchin has made it clear over the months that the administration’s broad $ 3.5 trillion social spending package is too large, and as progressives have agreed that the top-line number could be reduced somewhat, moderate Democrats draw another line in the sand, a Hyde correction underscoring.

The amendment represents a decade-long agreement between the two sides that barred the federal dollar from financing abortions, in case of rape, incest or endangering the mother’s life. Monchin wants it to be included in the spending bill. The White House does not do that. Thus another hurdle has emerged for the President to pass the legal agenda.

When asked about federal funding for abortion on Monday, the White House press secretary Jane Saki told reporters That “President Hyde opposes the amendment. That hasn’t changed.”

Manchin was just as adamant in an interview with National Review last week. As hopes of passing a bilateral physical infrastructure bill were dashed, he insisted on Capitol’s move that “we are not withdrawing the Hyde Amendment. Hyde is going to be part of the larger” human infrastructure “measure, knowing that his party cannot afford to lose a single vote. Monchin was stubbornT Hyde, who will be included in the reunion package, says, “If it’s gone, it’s dead on arrival.”

The senator took that hard line on Wednesday. By Sunday, the progressives were facing off on the weekend show with their own ultimatum. Asked by Congressional Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jaipal, CNN’s Dana Bash, if she supported a bill banning abortion-funding, she replied that she would not. “Let’s wait. This is a discussion and we have to move it forward, but the Hyde Amendment is an issue that the majority of the country does not support, “added Jaipal, whose caucus flexed its muscles to block a vote last week when the bipartisan package did not deal with the expensive bill. .

Democrats acknowledge the dangers posed by the split. This includes Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranked ranking Democrat in the Senate, who told CNN before the Jaipal campaign that he had previously supported legislation with and without amendments. He will support it again with the cost package, As Durbin points out, Because “I don’t want to let the package break down on that issue.”

Republicans are more than happy to let Democrats fight among themselves on the issue. The Conservatives are equally opposed to the reconciliation package and seem content to ignite any fire in the hope of keeping it burning. Heritage Action Pot, for example, highlights that Biden has actually and recently changed his position.

“Biden is a flip-flop politician who came to support taxpayer funding for abortion and supported Hyde for decades before moving on to progressives in 2019,” he said. The group said in a tweet It was linked to an article on how Biden opposed the amendment before the 2020 presidential primary.

Meanwhile, Manchin has the backing of the pro-life lobby during the talks. Susan B. Anthony List Turned on A month-long six-digit ad campaign on West Virginia Airways encouraged voters there to “thank Manchin for not forcing us to pay for an abortion.” Marjorie Danenfelser, president of the anti-abortion group, told RealClearPolitics that “there is a long-standing sensation among the American people – regardless of party affiliation – that taxpayers should not be forced to pay for abortion. We urge Senator Manchin to stand up for this sens reduction Thanks for the value.

This is not the first time that Manchin has spoken to his team on the issue. During his speech at the 201st State of the Union, he was the only Democrat to join Republicans when he called for a 20-week abortion ban for then-President Trump, a moment that sent him snowballing from the New York Republic. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who sat in the back row.

Photographer Captures that momentAnd while Trump’s proposed sanctions have never been implemented, Manchin’s position has not changed. Unless senators or Democrats agree, disagreements over federal funding for abortion could become the focus of Biden’s domestic program.

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