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Press release. Torum is ready to launch a leading social metaverse and socially integrated avatar NFTs through a unique SocialFi platform.

29 September 2021, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Bedding socialphi platform Has announced that it will launch a ‘social metavers’ and the world’s first socially-integrated incarnation NFT. Strategic Investment from Hubby Ventures returns in August 2021.

SocialFi platform

The concept and creation of metavars has been on the rise since the explosion The NFT market, and Trump are leading the social side of this emerging industry Huobi-supported SocialFi platform And ecosystems.

The Malaysian-based socialfi platform has decided to lead the crypto and blockchain industries and create a social metavers. This evolution will begin with the launch of the world’s first socially-integrated incarnation NFT.

Identify your Metaverse identity

Powered by Beyonc স্ম smart chain, Toram Genesis Avatar is releasing 21 sets of NFTs designed with custom themes and popular cultural references. Each avatar represents the one and only identity in the Trump Metaverse, with more than 115,000 users joining. The BEP-1155 avatar NFT is made up of a variety of different types of avatar fragments, which are only available through the Trump Genesis Blind Box NFT.

More than 85 million avatar variations have been explored, allowing the community to express their full inner creativity. Since Avatar NFT integrates directly into Trump, the owner can use Avatar as a socialized metaverse profile, bringing the concept of “Social + NFT” to life.

Genesis Blind Box NFT

Each blind box contains a unit of avatar NFT pieces that are used to assemble a complete avatar NFT set and can only be purchased using its local token Bed, XTM. To ensure equal opportunity for everyone, the chances of each NFT drop are completely fair and transparent because the total supply is predetermined through smart contracts, and identifiable through blockchain.

Each XTM spent on blind box purchases will forever burn out of the total token supply. As the conventional supply of XTM dwindles, it creates a win-win situation for each team in a healthy metavers economy.

The gateway to crypto social metavers

Since the concept of metavars is still in its infancy, there is an unnecessary possibility for a socialized metavars. Avatar Integration is a perfect view of how Trump can express the possibility of owning a Metaverse identity on social media platforms.

Avatar NFT and NFT pieces unlocked from the blind box are also listed and can be sold based on availability in the Trump NFT Marketplace. The fast and flexible approach to the multi-chain SocialFi project has also led to the integration of DFI and crypto marketing tools. Finance and Trump Lounge Respectively

Finished 115,000 registered users And behind Huobi Ventures, Torum is always ready to adapt and integrate any blockchain trends emerging in the crypto industry, including Metverse.

The bed is social

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