Hunter McGrady has been in her beauty routine since becoming a mother

You said you have redness. Do you have dry or sensitive skin?

I have dry skin. I have sensitive skin. I have rosacea. I have acne-prone skin. I have the whole gamut. Really what kind of problem you may have.

And the SPFO is obviously important.

Yes, the Olay moisturizers I use have SPF and I also use their retinol at night. If you use retinol, you need to be compatible with SPF. SPF has been my game changer. When I was little, my grandmother used to say, “Wear SPF” and I used to say, “Oh, Grandma. You just say it because everyone always says it.” I remember him saying, “Christy Brinkley always has to wear SPF,” and I was, okay … but now that I’m older, I understand. I have so much sensitive skin that I literally wear SPF inside my house because we have a ton of windows.

What can you do to reduce stress?

To be completely honest with you, therapy. It’s not like I can just sit by the candle and be good. For me, therapy is really something that helps me reduce stress because I can separate everything by putting it on the table and then it can be, All right, gentleman. I feel good about that. I took it off my chest. I can read a little deeper. And that, again, is my “I” time. This is very important for me, especially being a new mom and navigating this new me. I hated therapy. I was like, I don’t want to cry. I don’t want to do all this. And now I want to. I want to get it all out, you know?

I’m just with you. I started therapy for the first time in years. And I was, oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve been without it for so long.

Right? This is very important. As a culture, we talk about exercise, and we say make sure you get your body fit, and, well, first and foremost, like this, make sure we keep our minds right and our mental health right, and other Everything will follow. We need to make sure our minds are healthy.

What about makeup? Do you have very few these days?

I love products from Saie. Lenny [Crowell], Who made it, a girlfriend of mine. But they are minimal and kind of dewy and beautiful. I Love Rare Beauty Perfect Stroke Universal Volumeizing Mascara ($ 20). I think it’s really nice – something that’s easy and fast again. My days are now much different than four months ago, pre-baby. I spend a lot of time at home and work from home and I don’t really need a full face. So Iā€™m really leaning towards my skincare more than anything else, but when I want that little omph or when I do zoom meetings, I go beyond everything. I like brand merit. Blush their flush left ($ 28) So yummy and creamy and fabulous. They also have something called The Minimalist ($ 38), which A multitasking complex stick that is really nice. And their shade is slick Tinted lip oil ($ 24). I can throw in a bag and go, I’m stunned. But don’t get me wrong ā€” I’ll tell you what, if I have time for it Complete Face

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