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World Progress II Perfectly suited to our time and place. First, it’s a big picture in every sense. Its implementation and its subject matter are both memorable and ambitious. We need to take several steps to see it fully. Then we realize that it shows two children, together they are the design of their ideal world, ”the UN Secretary-General said at the unveiling ceremony on Saturday.

Antonio Guterres explained that, like works of art, the UN mission is much broader than what we see around us. “It simply came to our notice then. Our work is multifaceted, and of many generations. And we all play an important role in the whole creation, ”he added.

Giant fresco for the UN. Valentine Flowerwood for Saip

The giant fresco created by artist Sayep represents peace and youth participation.

Earth-friendly art

Guillaume Legros, or “Saype”, inspired by the compression of an artist’s name “Say” and “Peace”, is famous for inventing an eco-friendly painting process. His special technique allows him to create huge frescoes directly on the grass.

“In two weeks, nothing will be left because of the resurrection of the grass. It makes work more invisible than rain, ”he explained to UN News, adding that he had spent more than a year trying to find the right pigment for his fleeting industry.

Saip has already shared one of his creations on the UN premises. Last year, World Progress I It was unveiled in Geneva, Switzerland on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the United Nations.

“There is a dove in the center which is a symbol of peace. The basic idea is that on the one hand when we talk about children, we ask ourselves what responsibility we have towards them. But, on the other hand, they will have the world of tomorrow in their hands. This means that we really need to learn to live together in a world that is super-connected. “

A call to world leaders

For the UN chief, children have been portrayed World Progress II Designing our lucky future.

“This year’s general debate will take on this theme, Focusing on the world we are building together. My recent report on our Common Agenda suggests new ways for today’s decision makers to better serve both young and future generations.

Mr. Guterres said he was hopeful that world leaders would draw inspiration from Sayep’s art on how “we can look beyond our surroundings while respecting nature and our planet.”

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