How To Use Clarna App For Holiday Gift Shopping

If shopping is a sport, the autumn months until the holidays should be considered training camp before the biggest game of the season. And like other sports endeavors, the best way to prepare is to practice conditioning, strategizing and smart drama.

Anyone who shops informally in government power (when you write about fashion and style, shopping is a part of the job), I thought I had mastered the art of jumping on the internet for the best thing and was destined for the fame shopping hall. Then I met Klarner-above all the payment and shopping services that took my game (and holiday shopping) to a whole new level. What makes it so great? Let me break.

First of all, the whole shopping experience is very “smooth”.

I’ve always spent most of my holidays shopping online when I’ve tried to avoid some of the more annoying issues (like getting lost in a dozen different browser tabs or completely forgetting where I found an unexpected find). The Klarna app solves all the problems that stores have to offer on the Internet in a simple, user-friendly place. With the Clarna app, you can shop from anywhere online without ever playing a new tab.

My search for comfortable but weird fake fur slippers that I knew a friend would love to provide a lot of great options. Instead of opening tab after tab and then manually flipping around, I clicked on the options that made me curious to know more details and save them to my liking (more in seconds). When I was ready to make the final decision a few days later, I opened the app, compared everything at a glance, and chose my favorite in an instant. A gift down!

The pay-in-four feature makes smart shopping easy

My friends and family do not expect the best, delightful gifts for the holidays. But as we all get older, giving gifts in a valuable way is becoming more and more understandable. No one needs more Accessories, And most of the adults on my list have already bought things for less than $ 50 that catch their attention. Sometimes getting gifts that you know they will love and wealth means spending a little extra.

Still, it’s hard to swipe my card for a few hundred bucks as a gift (sorry sorry, Fam!). When the holiday season comes, it can also be a big stress on the wallet. Enter the Clarna option for four interest-free payments. Suddenly, those big expenses are more tasteful. I can’t plan my purchases and budget for all my holiday shopping or settle on any sub-solutions.

My sisters have the most discerning taste on my shopping list, so usually they are the lucky beneficiaries of my holiday gifts. I had already bought gifts that I knew they both wanted with Pay in Four, and because both of their gifts came from retailers who had no choice but to use the Klarner partner স Sax Fifth Avenue and Sephora পরিষেবা service. This is two more gifts from my list.

You can only discover really good things

On holidays, I inevitably find myself running out to get a last minute gift for a white elephant office party or to get something to exchange for a dinner-party gift. I find that cookies, off-the-wall, cute-but-maybe-functionless things work well here … but by definition, these are gifts that you pray you’ll stumble somewhere. Instead of wanting and hoping, I let Clarner’s great edited feed work for me.

In the app, I recently stumbled upon a collection page titled “Shopping Like a Tokyo Trendsetter” and found a great cute, retro instax camera that I saved in my own “Stocking Staffer” collection. In a London-themed roundup, I found a ceramic mug and curvy candlestick holder that seemed like something you could only explore on some wonderful British high streets (these are destined to be winners for exchanging gifts with my colleagues.). My LA-based friend recently sent me a collection of her favorite things in Clarna, And I found a cocktail tree that lets you stick to a leaf-like acupuncture. It will be a wonderful host gift when I meet her on holidays.

The Klarner “Collection” feature is one of the best part of the app. I can’t tell you that I’ve scratched the pages of a magazine or a screenshot of a great idea I’ve seen on Insta, I totally intended to order something pleasantly random, only to forget that when it comes time to buy I find all the great things Being able to find it easily is a dream. Consider giving me all my random gifts.

And they don’t forget the gift recipient who is the most important

By yourself! (I’m baby! I’m … baby?) Even if things aren’t technically part of my holiday gift shopping needs for me, they’re part of the tote and parcel. There are work parties and friend drinks where a new dress or small bag can be a joy to break, plus, shouldn’t we celebrate ourselves at once?

To me it seems impossible No. Keep an eye on my favorite things as I browse for someone else. With the Klarner collection, I concentrate on finding the gift in hand, to save it and forget it. Also, I’m taking full advantage of the app’s price-drop notification feature. As soon as I see that beautiful little party dresses are being sold, I will be ready to become functional before my size is sold out. Shopping with their Vibe Rewards Club means I will be able to get the gifts I can get for other gifts. Crime-free holiday shopping for me? Done.

And you go there!

Just like that, my awesome holiday shopping has been taken care of quite a bit. I’m giving the Clarna app a high score in the design, curation, and payment break-out options (how could I miss this in my life ??). But most importantly, I’m giving it a big shiny winner’s trophy To allow me to sort out all my holiday shopping before mid-December. It turns out that anyone can be a good buyer in the end.

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