How to trade or sell on your iPhone (2021)

Whether you are inside Marketing a new iPhone 13 or planning to grow with the iPhone 13 Pro, don’t just toss your older phone in the drawer when upgrading. Sell ​​your iPhone! That old piece of glass is more valuable than you might think.

There are several services that will give you cash or savings credit for a used iPhone. We’ve compared some popular services for trading on an older device. Most of these services also take Samsung and Google devices and all of them take iPhone.

Updated September 2021: We have updated the phone and price.

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Tips to get a higher selling price

If you want the highest selling price for your phone, make sure you take care of it. Buy a good case (see our guide to picking a good phone case) and consider a screen protector (AmFilm protectors work well). They will make your device look new, which is the best way to make sure you get the most money when you sell.

Always buy an unlocked phone. Not only does it give you the freedom to change carriers, you get more for it when you go to sell it. Unlocked phones work on any wireless network that has antennas to support them. There is no reason to associate yourself with a career. Usually, if a carrier doesn’t tell you that the phone is unlocked, it’s probably not, especially if you bought it on a payment plan.

The last thing you need to do before cashing in your old phone is to back up all your data using iCloud. Be sure to check out the option to backup your messages so that iCloud saves your text messages, which sometimes include photos and videos that you didn’t save on your camera roll. If you have an Apple Watch, be sure to unlock it and delete your phone data as well.

1. Best for antique iPhone


One type of eBay clone, Swapa, seeks to address some of the problems associated with eBay: high seller fees, poor seller-buyer communication tools, and many low-quality devices. You cannot sell your iPhone here unless it is in good shape, fully functional and damaged.

As long as your phone meets the criteria of the Swapper list and you are willing to give it a try, this is where you will get the most money for your old device. As you stay on eBay, you need to create a list with photos. Be sure to pick up the case from your phone and be honest about the terms. Keep in mind the shipping issues when determining your sales price.

Currently, a 64-gigabyte iPhone 12 sells for around 6 650. An iPhone 11 is somewhere between $ 450 and $ 540 depending on storage capacity and conditions.

2. Best for reliable cash


Gazelle is an old hand in the world of used phones. The company has been buying phones since 2006, and this is the easiest process.

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