How to read Genshin Impact Manga online

Jenshin Impact is a game full of captivating backstory, and players can learn more about Tevat’s teachings in the game’s official manga.

The Jenshin Impact game follows the story of the travelers’ journey to Teva as they try to reunite their lost siblings. Meanwhile, the manga serves as the prequel to this story.

Fans can read about some important events that happened before the protagonist of Jenshin Impact ever reached the present world of Tevat.

Where to find Genshin Impact manga

Cover page for Jenshin Impact Manger Chapter 1 (via miHoYo)
Cover page for Jenshin Impact Manger Chapter 1 (via miHoYo)

Jenshin Impact fans can find the official manga series on a dedicated page of miHoYo’s website. Webtone is an alternative source where fans can find manga. On any of these sites, anyone can read all the published chapters of Jenshin Impact on the full color panel.

Jenshin Impact Manga tells the story of previous events in the game. In the manga, fans can learn about the early Fatui activities, Diluk and Kaira’s backstory and Mondast’s icon Vanessa.

All manga events are canon for the Jenshin Impact story, so players can release some manga in the game.

Sino is an upcoming playing character in Jenshin Impact. He was first seen in the 12th chapter of the official manga and appeared in the Tevat Chapter Storyline Preview.

So far, the manga story centers on some of Mondstad’s familiar characters. The Knights of Favonius have taken the spotlight on the story, although some knights like Yula and Albedo have yet to appear.

The main characters Liu and Inazuma were also missing from the manga so far. If manga ever introduces characters from this region, they will probably have an arc of a completely different story.

… I’m sorry. There may be better Liu Manga for Jenshin because this outfit needs to be explored.

Jenshin Impact Manga currently has 16 chapters, each with different teams of artists working on it. However, only the Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese versions are up to date. At the time of this writing, most other languages ​​are only available up to Chapter 12 or 13.

Unfortunately, Jenshin Impact Manga lacks a regular chapter schedule. For now, manga fans must check in from time to time for a continuation.

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