How to make movie dialogs clearer (and explosions cool)

This feature is going to change the audio in a way that the producers didn’t want, and you may not want to give it up all the time. This is a handy feature when you’re giving out some random Marvel movies on Tuesday nights, but don’t forget to turn it off if you plan to keep people watching. Hill On the opening night.

Upgrade your sound system to something better than stereo

If you don’t have a center speaker, it may be worth upgrading to a better audio system. You don’t necessarily have to get an expensive system – there are many soundbars for every budget. That said, if you only have one stereo soundbar, all the audio in your movie is being pumped to the left and right channels and that could be a problem.

Since the stereo system does not have a dedicated center speaker, the dialog audio has to go to the left and right speakers. Most stereo systems will reduce the volume of the center channel before sending it to each speaker. However, if the dialogue was already quieter than the rest of the soundtrack in the movie, the result could be a bad mix where you can’t hear the dialogue very well.

When you are looking for a good sound system, try to find something that has at least 3.1 setup. It refers to three speakers – left, right and center – as well as a subwoofer. A 5.1 surround system. Which adds two surround speakers, better for immersion, but something that adds a center channel will be a great improvement to your home theater.

Consider the phonology of your home

Most people don’t think too much about how the sound bounces around their living room, because it’s not really a priority for the room you want to rest in. The movies you are watching. If you have lots of wood and empty walls, for example, the sounds of your speakers can jump more easily and feel louder. And will potentially annoy your neighbors even more.

We don’t expect anyone to start installing acoustic panels in their living room just to compress the sound of a movie, but there are simple adjustments that can help. Air conditioning systems, for example, can be very loud, but people tend to tune in when they hear these sounds every day.

If you find yourself turning on the TV, pressing on an AC, a fan, or a loud computer or console, you can try to move the TV away from that noise. You can try to turn off the equipment loudly while watching. With less sound competition, you can turn the TV down a bit more and have a much easier time listening to the dialogue.

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