How to make financial plans for 2 special needs family members

Life can be challenging at times. When you think you are in a stable place, The universe tends to throw you one (or many) curves. In the case of financial education, Smart initial decision We can help These curveballs relieve stress. For today’s guest it almost happened, Karen Ferrero.

Karen grew up in a middle-class family in a small town. He was a First generation college graduates And has worked throughout high school and college. He later took a job and started consulting The world of technology, Which offered him a Honorable salary. She was married and had two children with her husband, but after a while, Her husband was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. Not only that, Her son was diagnosed with autism.

Now, Karen had to sell her home, find a new accessible home, take her son to therapy every day, and continue her full-time job. This put him in one Big debt hole, But through strategic debt repayment and wise investment, Karen has risen to the top. She still has a very high paying job, a loving family and some very, very Very profitable investment account For his children which he started decades ago.

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In this episode we cover

  • How Plan for when life changes your course Forcibly
  • Importance Have good insurance when you are young
  • Why you should always take advantage 401 (k) match When presented to you
  • Invest in capital gains as soon as possible
  • Why you should Plant Education accounting In a trust
  • That comes at an additional cost Special needs to take care of family members
  • And So Too much!

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