How to help fight climate change: apps and steps

The Earth Hero app (iOS, Android) helps you calculate, track and reduce your personal carbon footprint and connects it to users’ climate action groups. You can set emissions-reduction goals for yourself, browse suggested measures based on IPCC recommendations, track your progress, and join a community of climate workers. Each activity explains its relevance and importance, including tips for different levels of implementation.

Good Empire (iOS, Android) is a new social app whose mission is to “unite, unite, and empower an empire of good people to save the F ** Raj world.” The Good Empire presents challenges that individuals can take direct action to reduce their carbon emissions and reduce plastic waste, alleviate hunger and poverty in their communities and around the world, and empower women and girls. The activity must have measurable impact and be consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Good Empire was launched only in September 2021. is a community platform whose mission is to “empower conscious consumers worldwide”. There are brilliant features about zero waste, sustainable fashion, round economy, clean beauty, conscious consumerism, DIY, and eco-friendly recipes. The Brightly App (iOS, Android) offers monthly eco-challenges and community chat groups. To facilitate conscious use assumptions by associating Brightly Shop users with verified ethical and sustainable brands and small businesses.

I’m not saying the best way to address climate concerns is to rush and buy a bunch of eco-friendly products, but we Is All consumers, whether we like it or not, and our purchases have a direct impact on climate change. If we can choose truly ethical and sustainable brands and products, it can help move culture towards more sustainable alternatives.

Carbon offset tools

Carbon offsets are not the only solution to climate change: they are essentially a “pay for pollution” project that only works when companies and individuals do everything possible to reduce emissions. However, they can play a helpful role in financing emissions-reduction projects and raising awareness about climate change. For an individual, carbon offsets are a real way to complement other actions. There are multiple apps that let you track and track your carbon footprint, promising activities, and grant emissions-reduction projects.

The Clima app (iOS, Android) allows users to fund science-supported projects that can be tracked in real time. Clima selects projects with the highest impact according to the project drawdown ranking, supports programs designed to meet the UN’s sustainable development goals, and verifies projects by an independent third party. Even if you don’t have much to donate, it adds up collectively. is a program that offsets user emissions from flying and travel. In addition to funding new emissions-reduction projects such as renewable energy, is planting trees for long-term impact. It provides a directory of climate-positive gifts, carbon awareness and education and goal setting for low carbon living.

Ecosia is a search engine app (iOS and Android) and extensions for all major browsers that automatically offset every Internet search you make through the service. Ecosia plants one tree for every 50 searches. It’s free to use and earns revenue from clicks on ads. Ecosia markets itself as a carbon-negative search engine, which means it generates more renewable energy than it needs to run its servers and exports it to the clean power grid. Ecosia has built a solar plant to provide 100% clean energy for its exploration.

Community Support Resources

Thanks to technology, climate concern support is available wherever there is an internet connection. Pre-covid, many support offers were only available privately in urban centers or in the organization’s home community. Now, support circles and groups meet online, and we can make friends around the world.

This past spring, I was able to virtually participate in the 10 Steps of the Good Griff Network for Personal Resilience and Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate Program. Each week, I join 13 other amazing people around the world to process our solid passions about climate change, to test our own privileges, and to build resilience to the individual and the community. It was the most helpful resource I gained experience in navigating climate concerns.

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