How to defeat Overseas Jane in the New World

New World players will be tasked with taking a lot of goals, including Overseas Jane. Whether the players are picking up the bounty or making progress through the search, Overseas Jane’s New World Eternum will have the same position.

Before players can defeat Overseer Jane, they need to track down and find the enemy. Markers will be given for the boss, and there are two ways to start the objective. One is simply to accept grants related to the care of the new world. Otherwise, a search called “Something to Prove” also works to zen out players.

How to fulfill Overseer Jane’s purpose in the New World

With hands-on quests, players will want to make their way to the Ibnrak cave. It should not be too difficult to find unless the right direction is used. The cave can be found north and a little west of Shadomine. Players can find Shadomine on the map within Everfall, an area where Churo sheep have access.

Once the players enter the Ibn Rock Cave, it’s time to go inside and find the overseer Jane. However, there is a problem with Overseas Jane in the New World that makes fighting outside of mechanics even more frustrating.

As the game gets older, defeating Overseer Jane won’t be a problem, but for now, the goal is hard to meet. What makes the fight frustrating is that it has nothing to do with the real boss mechanics.

In order for players to kill Overseer Jane, they have to do a certain amount of damage in their fight. The system doesn’t work like other MMO games where just tapping the boss will be considered the end. This may stop the AFK farmers, but it doesn’t help the players in the extra amount so they can get enough damage.

Another problem is the long response timer, which can go up to seven minutes between eggs. So if the players don’t get enough damage on Overseas Jane for the first time, they’ll have to camp a bit before they can try again in the Ibronak cave.

One way to deal with the problem is to group with other players. As long as a player from the New World Group does enough damage to overseer Jane, the rest of the team will accomplish the goal.

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