How the TG ecosystem uses collaboration to solve major crypto-market problems

The World Economic Forum presented a number of models for the development of the nation for the next three to five years, emphasizing cooperation as the basis for successful and rapid economic and social recovery. Speaking at the WEF, Berg Brende, a Norwegian politician and member of the Conservative Party, said “the direction we need to move is towards greater dialogue, coordination and concerted action”. Even today in the world of global business, we see hundreds of examples of cooperation, such as the UN Global Compact, the C40 City, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), the World Resource Institute and many more. How are things in the crypto-world?

Collaboration can solve those problems

Over the centuries, cooperation has become popular worldwide so that people can work together to achieve specific goals. Nowadays, cooperatives are designed to solve modern economic problems, such as:

  • Eliminating intermediaries, thereby reducing the cost of goods and services;
  • Speeding up the process of producing a product or specific product;
  • Exchange experiences and information to make adequate decisions in politics, education, healthcare and any other economic field;
  • To collect resources (money, time, labor) for effective project implementation and achievement of goals.

Until just a few years ago, cooperation was mainly characterized by industry and manufacturing organizations and companies as well as businesses in the non-financial sector. However, today, we are seeing more and more examples of collaboration in the online environment and between IT projects. Here are just a few of them.

Blockchain Investors Consortium. The Blockchain Investors Consortium has more than 120 members whose group has more than 6 6 billion in digital assets. The funds raised are used to support global projects aimed at developing and popularizing blockchain technology.

IBM Food Trust. It is an association of several blockchain technology companies together. The IBM Food Trust Consortium includes producers, carriers of agricultural products, as well as consumers such as Walmart and Nestl. In addition, businesses can track food products from their suppliers to consumers using their platform.

Today, collaboration can not only accelerate the introduction of crypto and blockchain startups but also significantly affect the popularity of blockchain technology in the world.

The real energy lies in a number

“Let’s remember what happened to the stock market with Gamestop. Thousands of retail investors rushed to buy the securities of a little-known company, close to the influence of FOMO, which was skillfully created by mob manipulation. Crowds, after all, are easy to manipulate. As a result, investors lost money after all tensions subsided. A well-thought-out participatory self-organization system turns a crowd into a group and a decision-making process makes it possible to resolve the issue in a centralized way. Eugene Melanick, CEO of TG Ecosystem.

Self-organization of groups and, subsequently, collaboration between them will be the solution to spontaneous investment that does not have a clear strategy for fundraising. The TG DAO 3.0 launchpad, part of the TG ecosystem, has presented an effective solution to reduce the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies based on self-organization and collaboration.

“We have analyzed the main reasons for the failure of the ICO boom in 2018 and created our own solution for the startup launch market. It involves collaboration of experts, users and projects. We achieve our goals very quickly when we work together, not separately. Said Eugene Melnick.

The TG DAO 3.0 launchpad has several devices for effective crowdfunding. This includes an accelerator and a platform for IDOs, as well as other services that will be launched in 2022. Business

“Even today, we are receiving a large number of applications for participation in the Accelerator program and for managing IDOs. Four projects have been approved by our expert council and will soon be eligible for discussion by community launchpad members. Towards the end of the year, we plan to review ten more projects and select the most qualified among them. “ Eugene Melanick commented.

Collaboration is crucial when choosing startups to invest in, so the Launchpad team has set up a voting system where users can decide which startups will be allowed to sell tokens. In this way, investors avoid the problem of recklessly investing their money in sketch projects.

Collaboration introduces various benefits that can be successfully used in the project.

“First, it is the ability to bring together groups of people and create appropriate targeted programs for the purpose of conducting investment or joint ventures. Second, the simplicity of participation in a cooperative, since a participant only has to submit one application and pay a minimum entry and share fee. Funds or other ownership contributions are allocated to startups as soon as the cooperatives make the question.

Third, the co-operative society has the potential to distribute its income among project participants in proportion to its participation in business activities. In this case, the co-operative members themselves decide how the income will be distributed, ”he said. Natalia Khitruk, a lawyer for TG Ecosystem, said.

In the very near future, TG DAO 3.0 will conduct a fundraising round and a public sale of TGDAO tokens. More information about the project can be found on the website.

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