How the LABEL Foundation will take the MOOC industry into the future with the Ethereum network after raising 1.0 million

Launched on the Ethereum network, the LABEL platform contains one of the most original governance and incentive processes in crypto space. With a blockchain-based entertainment-learning platform, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has embarked on a journey to revolutionize the industry, garnering support from key partners.

According to an announcement by the LABEL Foundation, the project has successfully completed a $ 1.0 million personal sales round led by HG Ventures with the participation of leading companies and leading venture capital investors in the crypto industry. These include GBIC, Mindfulness Capital, IOST, M6, Adaptive, Icetea Labs, Alphabit and Pragma.

The partners have teamed up with LABEL to create an innovative new platform to support the NFT infrastructure entertainment-education platform and take the MOOC industry by storm.

As mentioned, LABEL is an Ethereum-based global content incubation platform that seeks to create a fair and transparent ecosystem for content creators. Through this platform, users can access top-level educational content and self-produced content with multiple features and services.

The platform has an NFT marketplace that allows users to trade with LABEL-generated NFT. Also, the platform has a DAO governance model supported by a native governance and utility token called LBL. Implemented to drive the growth of the LABEL ecosystem, LBL also acts as a key component of voting and NFT shareholding reward mechanisms.

LABEL platform and its unique award model

LABEL’s unique NFT infrastructure is supported by CLESSON and OPENTRACK, one of the most relevant systematic music education institutions based in South Korea. The platform hosts more than 200 trainers and 25 top artists from around the world.

This top talent will be the backbone of LABEL’s entertainment-education platform and will bring fresh air to the MOOC model by integrating real-life experiences of artists in the music industry with the convenience of working on a decentralized DAO governance model.

6-time Grammy Award-winning Robert Sput Cerrit, 2-time Grammy Award-nominated Scoop Devil, 3-time Grammy Award-winning Mark Lettierry, producer of one of the largest music groups, BTS Doxim, and many more will take part in courses conducted by Claesson and more at the LABEL Foundation. Will be brought.

In some cases, instructors and artists will offer their IP rights to the LABEL platform incubating system. This will enable early investors to receive rewards in the form of NFT shares that can be traded in LABEL’s marketplace or they can hold them for further rewards.

The entire system is designed to protect content creators and their IP rights by minting them as NFT. Thus, the LABEL community can choose which courses will be supported using the DAO governance model and LBL-based voting system.

Courses that successfully attract the attention of LBL holders and receive sufficient votes through stacking will be registered on the platform using the ERC-1155 Ethereum NFT standard. This will allow the platform to maintain complete transparency according to their NFT shares by showing the share ratio ownership of voters and investors. At any time, investors can withdraw their NFT shares or hold them to claim the partial profit generated by the course.

Simon Jeung, co-founder of HG Ventures, a key LABEL Foundation partner, talks about the promise of the project and the potential to lead a new wave of adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology:

As a major investor in the LABEL Foundation, we are first and foremost impressed by the dedication of the core team to the unified goal of revolutionizing the entertainment education market by combining MOOC industry and blockchain technology. We believe that NFTs must take the next level, and that musicians, artists and other content creators who previously refrained from their legitimate profits will now be able to defend their fair IP rights on the most innovative NFT infrastructure platforms.

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