How many more will have to die because of Kovid lies?

Remember, if you get vaccinated twice or thrice, you will not catch Kovid. Right? Wrong !!

The latest left to the false assurances of Biden and his medical mediocrity is the Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winning hair and makeup designer / stylist, Mark Elliott Pilcher. He was only 53 years old.

He was not strangely obese, according to the NY Post, suffering from a co-morbidity that was fatal for thousands of people. Was it the unmasked Emmy show she recently attended (see Christina’s post here)? Early reports of his death by Kovid were silent about his vaccination status. Now we know. One man with two vaccines still got covid – and then died.

An actual vaccine is not supposed to work. If you get the measles, polio or smallpox vaccine, you will not get measles, polio or smallpox. But despite having a few jabs, the number of people infected with covid is increasing and it is worrying.

Running: Double Vaccinated Emmy winner Kovid-1 of dies two weeks after attending awards ceremony with unmasked celebrities

Pilcher’s death should not be considered as a statistical inconsistency. Check out recent stories posted at Gateway Pundit highlighting the deaths or serious illnesses of vaccinated people:

Denver police officer and father of four takes the job and can’t walk

Pure Evil: Twitter labels 37-year-old mother’s death as “misleading”

Fully waxed former CNN contributor Mark Lamont Hill suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized with a blood clot – Blast Critic of NBA Player Covid Wax

Israel and the United Kingdom, the two countries with the highest percentages of vaccinated citizens, are battling new waves of covid infection. Most of these new cases are from Jaber.

Here is the UK data:

And here is Israel:

Compare what is happening in the UK and Israel with India. Only 18.2% of Indians are fully vaccinated. But India was not devastated by the new wave of Kovid infection. A big reason for this is the widespread use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. India is not known for great sanitation, pure drinking water or social distance. Here is a list of his daily cases:

VAERS data is a flashing red light that alerts healthcare professionals (VAERS is an acronym for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

  • Nearly twice as many people have died from covid in the last eleven months as have been affected globally, as have all other vaccines in the 31 years since VAERS data were collected (14,925 vs. 9,001).

  • There have been 701,561 adverse reactions to the covid vaccine in eleven months. A total of 820,671 all other vaccines have been reported since 1990.

You can no longer rely on US government healthcare experts to tell the truth about vaccinations. How many of us will die from an adverse reaction until political leaders come out of their self-inflicted coma and start dealing with real science? My wife and I are firm – no more problems

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