How Heroes are revolutionizing how people play blockchain games

When we hear about revolution, we think of public policy, trade agreements, immigration, and big business. But more often than not, the rooms in the board are not connected to the world – but in a virtual environment accessed around the world.

Now, the world is seeing a gaming model known as play-to-earn, especially in the blockchain universe. The blockchain has been used in gaming for years, adopting an open economy of play-to-earn. Despite the popularity of the play-to-earn model, Heroes Development has started a new trend and has become the first vendor to bring the play-and-earn business model into the blockchain space.

What is HeroVerse?

Heroes is the first pioneer to bring the blockchain universe’s top mobile genre game, combining Match-3 puzzle and RPG strategy play-and-earn game. Play-and-earn is a business model that embraces players’ gaming experience and the concept of open economy.

Play games

Inspired by the idea of ​​Match-3 puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, Empires and Puzzles, Heroes is a hyper-casual game that focuses on combining similar items to disappear. When the lines or matches disappear, the heroes will fight their counterparts, and if they can win, they are allowed to go to the next level. This is when users can get rewards for their achievements, which can be transferred to the real world as a valuable asset.

In addition, Heroes also focuses on prominent RPG features: exploration and looting. In particular, RPG is a role-playing genre where gamers control a character who explores a fictional world. In Heroes, it’s more about how characters evolve when interacting with narratives.

In addition to the casual game mode, Heroes has a daily raid mode where players can do daily missions to get in-game tokens. In addition, the Heroes Development Team is also working to develop more gaming modes such as Tower, PVP and Clan Events.

Recently, it has been recorded that puzzle games are the most popular mobile genre on the market. In the United States and the United Kingdom, more than 60% of players are enjoying these games. In South Korea, it is the second most popular genre, with 45% players. In Japan, 38% of gamers play puzzle games. Where, mobile RPG is most popular in Japan and South Korea. As a combination of puzzle and RPG strategy, Heroes is expected to be a unique game genre that will attract the attention of millions of players worldwide.

Control the game economy and its inflation rate

The earnings portion of the Heroes is almost the same as that of the Play-to-Arn model. However, a key element in making HeroVerse unique is that HeroVerse controls the inflation rate of its games by controlling its currency and the hero generation.

There are two types of tokens available Heroes: He and he. HER is a pre-minted token that is used to buy holders and hero boxes. Due to the limited features of this token type, HeroVerse can control the pricing process of pre-minted tokens during the project. To be more precise, the number of pre-printed tokens was decided at the beginning of the project, which means there will be no situation of issuing more tokens during the whole process which could lead to a contraction of the token price.

HES is an in-game currency that players can earn while playing and spend on almost all game features. HES is an unlimited token that users will continue to publish Heroverse when they play the game. A portion of HES can be lifted as real money. The other part can be used for in-game transactions such as hero upgrades. Heroverse controls HES by a burn mechanism in which Heroverse burns a few percent of this HES to create in-game balance.

HeroVerse also comes with the hero generation process. There are two ways to create new heroes: Limited Hero Box and Summing. A limited hero box can make a superhero or an ordinary hero. Similarly, Summoning creates a new hero by sacrificing some HER and 4 Hero Shards. To balance the supply of heroes in the market, Heroes introduces vigilance systems that help maintain the supply capacity of heroes and reduce the rate of inflation of heroes.

Think off

The play-and-earn model is likely to become increasingly popular in each country as an entertainment platform and additional income stream during the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic. As a pioneer of this business model, Heroes is expected to have a revenue boom this fall. Heroes will launch its IDO on leading platforms – Red Kite and GameFi. IDO will start on 23rd September at 2:30 (14:30) UTC.

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