How face masks went from necessity to personal style items overnight

On a Saturday night in April, Trevor George saw a picture taken in the early days of the epidemic, which showed a scene he could not stand. “Everyone had a blue three-ply disposable mask,” George said. The picture startled him – and gave him an idea. “My wife and I looked at each other and we said, ‘There’s no such thing in America. We knew that. [Americans] They were going to wear masks, but we didn’t think they would all wear exactly the same thing because we are who we are. We are very individualistic. We like to show our personality. ”So that night he called a manufacturer and said they could make masks; That weekend, George MuskClub launched with an extensive list.

People bought Batman masks and Hello Kitty masks and tie-dye masks and masks made in collaboration with furniture textile manufacturer Skalamandra. But most of all they bought masks with American flags on them. They bought so much that George’s manufacturer was running three-eight hour shifts, back-to-back-back, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even that wasn’t enough – people bought so much that Muskclub stopped taking orders to meet demand.

In just a few months, the mask has changed over the decades-the same kind of transformation that saw T-shirts being widely adopted from parts of naval uniforms মাত্র just months apart. First, the experts told us we didn’t need them. The CDC then advises everyone to wear one. And now they have reached a third, more ghostly stage: our masks represent our identity, political, stylistic, or otherwise. The transformation of the face mask from medical essential to style accessory, like George, is a profound American story: about our self-inflicted rough individualism, and about the entrepreneurial creators who exist to crush any situation, no matter how negative, positive.

A tie-dye blue face mask from MaskClubCourtesy of Mask Club

“While the rest of the economy is on a downward spiral, the market for masks has grown. Since March, streetwear brand masks, which have been in satisfactory demand in Asia for years, have risen sharply in the secondary market. The list states that the most searched item of 2020 so far was the off-white mask. And conceptual high-fashion designers like Colina Stradder, starting with J. Crew and the Old Navy, began creating their own covers. The question around the face mask has quickly changed: Should I have one and which will protect me best? Per Which will best reflect me?

Today, style-shy guys can get business-casual masks made with blue stripes, food lovers can like the phrase “insert pizza here”, Javaheads can be delighted By the coffee-themed version, And Stradder humble models will only be eligible for Fashion Week when it resumes in a galaxy far away. Because of my well-documented passion with mascots, people sent me versions and messages with Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bear, because the masks look stylish. “First, [masks] There was a safety issue, but I was thinking about the way to stand because you started seeing so many white medical masks, “said Ezra Wine, who sells polo beer masks made with polo brand bed sheets. She first bought them for hats and shirts.

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