How can the Republican Party reach out to black voters?

Albert Eisenberg for RealClear Politics

President Biden’s approval rating is a catastrophic tug-of-war from Afghanistan to the United States, accelerated, deteriorated, and now intensified by his administration’s economy and the management of Covid-1.

Today, independent, suburban and college-educated voters ড Democrats are vying for the presidency of the Trump-era coalition বি Biden. But where does it leave black voters, the party’s strongest base?

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, a high-profile “blacksite” campaign with the approval of cultural figures such as Kenny West and Herschel Walker pledged to help Donald Trump and the Republican Party challenge the long-standing dominance of a generation of Democrats. Black voters.

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Although the Republicans ultimately failed to garner widespread support from these voters, they began to crack down on the Democrats. The GOP has performed well among black voters (and all non-white voters) above and below the ticket যথেষ্ট enough to reverse the numerous U.S. House seats won by women and minority candidates.

Now, for the first time in decades, as the party renews a necessary diversity in its leadership and its campaign, it looks like black voters may be open to political change.

But are they really? I wanted to know, so with a Republican client in suburban Philadelphia Delaware County who came to Democrats in 2019 after more than a century of Republican domination, I collected a dozen “swing” black voters for depth, two -Republicans, Democrats and their lives. Our focus group is to find out what they think about the things they do.

Participants represented different suburban strikers of different ages, backgrounds and levels of education. Almost everyone swayed Democrats and voted for Biden in 2020, with one exception.

In fast-paced suburbs, they represent Republicans “reaching out to voters” – who can swing for a particular candidate or cycle with the right message and the right participation – and who could one day become reliable GOP supporters.

So what did we learn?

First, the brand of the Republican Party is very poor among the surveyed voters, who perceived widespread racism in the GOP. Moreover, they believe the party does not understand the needs of the black community, which only increases the pressure on existing groups to vote for Democrats.

As we have heard over and over again, the interests of Republicans were not the interests of black voters, and Republicans are not bothered to show up in the black community.

Yet many black voters are moderate or conservative – a reality that white progressives and conservatives seem to have forgotten. In educational matters, for example, teachers ’ideas about educating elementary school-age children about sexuality and sexuality বিশেষ especially at a young age যৌন about sexual orientation and heterosexuality, split half the house.

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Such a strong response could put the GOP in a favorable position. As schoolboards across the country follow a radical ethnic curriculum, mostly animating white (and black) conservatives, a target of radical gender ideology can shake concerned parents or grandparents.

In order to properly identify these socially conservative voters, Republicans may begin visiting black churches, meeting with clergy, and engaging with the church.

Although the Republicans failed to send their message – including crime and policing issues, which surprised us when we were watching the group from outside the house. Despite a record increase in homicides in nearby Philadelphia, many participants insisted that the Democratic Party and its leadership did not support defending the police.

Simply put, Democrats want to “defend” law enforcement can work for a GOP base, but Republicans need to prove it to these voters. In addition, Republicans need to support policies such as funding for de-escalation training and hiring more diversified officers.

Our survey, however, gave an encouraging sign for the GOP. Although several in the Focus group said the GOP was a wealthy and “big business” group, they lent Republicans one of their most important issues: affordability and taxes.

Here, even the most emphatically progressive participant softened, saying he could support a Republican who could prove he would help his family financially. Significantly rising inflation rates are another opportunity for Republicans to reach out to black voters.

Renowned civil rights leader and conservative Bob Woodson has often said, “Democrats think blacks need help from their victims. Republicans see them as aliens.”

The voters we surveyed were regular people – parents and grandparents, landlords and tenants. They are not constantly fighting a cultural war. They are mostly loyal Democrats. But several of them are testing that loyalty.

If Republicans want to win over these voters, they must not overtake them anymore. If the party establishment and its candidates see their potential, this democratic monolith can be shattered and with it comes a flood of change and new voters.

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire.

Albert Eisenberg is a Philadelphia-based millennial political advisor. He focuses on urban and diversity issues from the right. He is one of the founders of Broad + Liberty. Follow him on Twitter L Albidelfia.

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