How “Blue Steel” predicted selfie culture

The original concept of “Blue Steel” was started, Appropriately, in the mirror. Explained in 2016 Esquire In the interview, Steeler was “brushing my hair or something else” when his wife stopped to ask him why he was making such a weird face. “It’s a job that you think makes you look beautiful,” he said, with no relation to reality. Soon, he and Sathar started thinking of different stupid names for his different poses, but “there was no difference in appearance,” Galen smiled. “That was the fun part of it.”

To onscreen “Blue Steel” pop, Steeler knew he needed to improve his original sketch-comedy aesthetic. It started with her goofy hair, which was replaced by designer Alan D’Angerio with a swollen black wig. “I just wanted to intensify the look of the film,” said D’Angerio, who spent about four months making three wigs during the shooting. “The knot was made in different places where I could give it more fullness and less fullness, just to keep it in balance and make it more perfect কারণ because Derek was perfect.”

She and makeup designer Naomi Donne collaborated on the rest of Derek, researched glossy fashion magazines from the 90s and noticed a common androgenic quality shared by models of the era. Inspired by Derek’s passion for his features, Don “did a lot of makeup to give her a little mannequin look,” she says. “Usually I go for a very normal look, but he was covered about this [with] Quite a heavy foundation. It didn’t look like much, but it had this kind of flawless skin, cheekbones, [and] I did some definition to make her eyes pop.

Costume designer Robinson was tasked with providing the backdrop for the famous look. For the iconic “Blue Steel” shot of the photo, she went on top with a Gucci-printed dress. “I had a sweater and scarf there, and I didn’t really think about wrapping it around her head. It just happened when we were on set – she put it on her head, and Naomi and Alan just got it somehow, “Robinson said.” It also diversifies her appearance … You want a variety so it stays interesting. “

Derek’s silky-smooth pout became even more apparent in the presence of Mugatu, Will Ferrell’s villainous fashion magnet whose ridiculous features were simply due to his conspiracy to perpetuate the inhumane child labor practices of the industry. In direct contrast to Derek’s flat-ironed hairstyle, D’Angerio transformed the actor’s curly locks into Leia-like bunnies and “bleached Will Ferrell’s hair follicles”, Don smiled. “I took it to the highest color I could get her hair,” D’Angerio said. “And then I started cutting hair and she had a very nice nap [and] The hairline, and when I cut it, I started to see an ‘M’, so I cut an ‘M’ on the back for Mugatu. “

Robinson finished the extraordinary look by tying Ferrell with a corset, again these characters will ultimately emphasize their personal brand. “The Mugatu style is really there,” Robinson says. “We’ve come to every scene in terms of what would be ridiculous.”

In 2013, Jason Pfeiffer went viral when he published a tumblr called “Selfie at Funerals”, a blog dedicated to sharing photos posted by teenagers shortly before the mourning. On a recent holiday, Pfeiffer became intrigued by tourists breaking their best duck faces in front of the Anne Frank House, and wanted his site to catch a similar extreme without trial. “I was really curious about this emotion [take selfies] Spread out in places where we should think twice, “he says. Of course, those early posters could easily have taken their cues. Zulander. In a scene in the middle of the movie, Derek attends a funeral wearing an irresistible white suit and spends most of his time announcing his retirement from modeling while hitting a few “blue steels” to the public. Although mostly played for laughter, Derek’s behavior এক a kind of lasting performance মনে seems to have tailor-made for our livestream era.

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