How bills from Josh Allen to deep defense have been better than the heads of Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs ’Bills 38-20 beatdown on Sunday night at 5 weeks was a startling result for many following the NFL. The Bliss? They were a little surprised.

Buffalo have been on the road to defeating Kansas City since beating them 2-24 in the AFC Championship last season. Bills needed the opportunity to implement their reunion game plan with advanced staff and to gift Josh Allen a better quarterback game than Patrick Mahomes.

The Bills can’t dream of a better way to prove they are a better team for this season. At 4-1, they have two games and a head-to-head tiebreaker up for a 2-3 FC play-off seed, which brings solo farewells and home-field advantage.

Bills-Chiefs: Live scoring updates, highlights

If the teams reunite in the post-season, there is a good chance the next match will take place in Buffalo. Heck, it could already be between the Bills and the other team for No. 1, with the red-hot Chargers on the way to match AFC West 4-1 and Cuck from AFC North to match that mark.

How huge were the bills to defeat the Chiefs in the third attempt with Allen vs. Mahomes. The question is, how did they do it? Here is the breakthrough of Buffalo:

Mahoms has no flash, four in front

Bills coach Sean McDermott and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier know that sending extra pressure on Mahoms and making one matchup after another favorable is a recipe for disaster, as it likes to hit big pass players. This is an age-old blueprint that wants to push the quarterbacks with just four rashes while consistently dropping seven men in a row. But a few teams could pull it off against Mahomes’ caliber QB.

The Buccaneers did Super Bowl 55 vs. Mahoms, taking advantage of the Chiefs to miss both offensive tackles. Inside and outside of them, there were disruptive rashes to get to Mahomes, as well as colorful linebackers and defensive backs to hold short and medium plays. Bills have proven that they have the staff to be successful copycats.

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Since 2019, bills have been loaded on the defensive line. Three drafts, they invested high picks against Ed Oliver and finished AJ Apenesa, Greg Rousseau and Boogie Basham. They were joined by longtime veteran Jerry Hughes and two former Panthers who are familiar with McDermott, deal with Star Lotulei and finish off Mario Addison.

Rookies Rousseau (first round) and Basham (second round) did not waste time being game changers vs. the chiefs; They assembled for 1.5 sacks (the remaining half of Hughes was). Rousseau, who has become an instant effects starter, also made an athletic interception of Mahoms in a hurry to squash a potential TD drive.

Chiffra rebuilt their offensive line well. Guards Joe Thuni and Trey Smith and center creed Humphrey, with the next two rookies, were focused on the interior. But the bills keep their rotating bodies fresh, so they have the strength to push after the mahogany and run all the games. They took the opportunity to stay still weak on the edge of Kansas City.

The Bills were working at a disruptive stage with the four in front of them, but in reality, it was a “front eight” that showed the mahogany double. The result was impatience and untruth.

No big drama allowed, all deep territory

Those pass rushers and line controllers were only half the equation. The bills were without cover outside linebacker Matt Milano, but that didn’t matter because Tremain Edmunds and AJ Klein were made for it in the second tier, and Jordan Poir and Micah Hyde cleaned the safety.

Bill’s tough cornerbacks beat the fair share on the short route on both sides of the slot, but the back seven combined combined to keep Travis Kells and wide receiver Tyrick Hill from connecting the home run with the mahogany. When McCall Hardman is the chef’s top receiver, it’s been a great night to defend.

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Bill did not add any offseason there; Edmunds has evolved into an advanced all-around playmaker and Poir and Hyde have become locksteps with each other. Bills had good plans to keep themselves in a comfortable place. Hyde was in the right place when Mahoms and Hill couldn’t connect, and Rousseau turned his INT into a pick-six before he got his pick.

Chiffra played deep in the Bills without running the ball with anyone other than Mahoms at the start of the game. Mahoms forced passes that weren’t there, and a lot of mistakes went down in the combination of pressure and coverage.

The bills broke their propensity against the Mohammedans and the chiefs did not take the necessary countermeasures. It made Mahoms feel like he was back in Tampa in February.

No one received, they all

Bills knew the Chiefs ’top cornerback Charvarius Ward was out to play. That means a lot more Allen goes to wide receiver Stephen Diggs, his BFF and the influential go-to guy, right? Diggs caught a 611-yard strike, but he had another catch on just five targets in the game. Allen decided to engage the Chiefs with two new downfield toys, a breakout third-year tight end and Dawson Knox (three catches, 117 yards, a TD) and an intelligent new No. 2 wideout Emanuel Sanders (three catches, 54 yards, two TDs). .

Sanders and Knox set a long scoring bomb tone early on: the Bills would be versatile attackers in the passing game, as Mahoms was throwing downfield at Hill and Kelsey. The Bills didn’t need much more from their other receivers that the trio was leaving, but they were still able to profit from throwing Jack Moss behind in a second-year breakout.

Chiffra was surprised and confused in coverage as the more mature Allen delivered the ball at a higher level. Their weakness in linebackers — which sometimes leads to safety — means they struggle to keep hard edges and back cover. Bill, who spread the field with a wide receiver, got the big pass drama of how Credit offensive coordinator Brian Double came to diversify, Chiffra didn’t do enough with Mahom.

No limits, all Allen

Allen is a strong athlete with terrific running skills, but that part of his game was somewhat controlled 5 weeks ago, to achieve even better goals. Dabol and Allen did not back down against the Chiefs, knowing how much trouble they had with the big-armed, mobile cubes in previous games দেখুন see the loss of Lamar Jackson’s Ravens and Justin Herbert Chargers.

They ran out to the main spot with Ellen and didn’t stop until the final scoring drive. Carrying his 11 59 yards and the first TD of the game, Allen made it clear that he would take the game with his legs, arms and improvisation, not Mahoms. He defended the overwhelmed chiefs another element to be concerned about.

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Allen still has moments of savagery where it looks like he’s running with reckless abandonment or looking too much for the big game, which leads to less property. But he was quick, furious and attentive on Sunday, knowing at the moment that he would do whatever he wanted to do to win the game and get the green light from Dabol and McDermott.

It takes a brilliant defense that is deep everywhere to hold the mahooms. It also takes a quarterback, who is able to play at Mahomes ’normal high level against the Chiefs defense. Both books were in the Super Bowl, followed only by Got, Tom Brady.

Bills’ defense did what it had to do against Mahomes. Allen confirmed that he took care of the rest because Buffalo shouted at everyone that it was a favorite of the new AFC Championship.

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