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Selecting Vanguard means partnering with a different type of investment company – we are owned by the client. As a client-owner, you own the funds owned by Vanguard. This unique framework allows us to prioritize your needs and lead you to advocate on your behalf and on our behalf All Investors

As investors, your needs have evolved and it has become more important for us to understand your behavior so that we can better help you achieve investment success. Vanguard has been researching investor behavior for decades. This year, we have expanded our research and thinking leadership with the launch of How America Investment, an evolutionary approach to our broader perspective on individual investors and our understanding of investor behavior.

We have collected this study insights reported by more than 5 million retail families. Revealing a study of this opportunity is a natural extension of our passion for developing a deeper understanding of investor behavior. How to save America, Which explores the investment behavior of employer-planning participants, in its 19th year of publication.

We are committed to finding new ways to educate, inspire and engage investors like you. We hope so How America Invests Meets this goal.

What have we learned?

Two investors are not one. However, the study of investment behavior helps us establish criteria and identify trends. Here is a snapshot of what our research is telling us: As a vanguard investor, most of you allocate a portion of your money to stock funds, regardless of your age. Our research further confirms that many of you choose index funds on actively managed investments. Ultimately, the study ensures your consistency, since you have allocated relatively stable assets and rearranged your portfolios accordingly.

What you have taught us will help more investors succeed

Benchmarks and trends are useful tools. But most importantly, we can use the information to enable investors like you to make the best decisions for their goals. You have given us valuable insights that can help ensure that investors have the right allocation of stocks at every age, the right mix of indicators and active strategies, and the right level of support during re-balancing and trading. To illustrate this point, we’ve summarized the key trends in an investor action guide and included steps that all investors can take when managing their portfolios.

As an investor you are awesome. You are more resilient than the reactionaries, stay on track whether we are experiencing strong market growth or economic uncertainty. How America Invests Your investment tells you the story of how you apply your investment principles – goals, balance, cost and discipline in your investment life.

We believe that this information will motivate others to analyze their investment strategies and take action, meaning stay on course, adjust their asset mix, or follow advice. On a larger scale, we hope this research will usher in meaningful conversations in the industry, which will improve the availability of products and services. All Investors

Thank you for helping us increase the chances of more investors investing successfully.

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