How about Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry’s son Archie 2

Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel welcomed their daughter Lilibet to the family 4 months ago, and an insider said Our weekly That they have moved into a large family unhindered. Their 2-year-old son Archie has “a loving and sweet disposition” that makes him the perfect older brother.

Archie, according to their source, is “coming into his own” and his parents are “very scared … and feel blessed beyond words.”

“Sussex has a nanny to call when their schedule goes insane, but they are still extremely handy and try to keep hired help to a minimum in most cases,” the insider explained. “In many ways it has been easier for them with Lily, although it is technically a double task, because they have been able to use a lot of techniques learned with Archie and take care of things like feeding or bathing without too much. Noise. “

Prince Harry is “the most caring father” and raising his two children in Montecito, California is “just heaven for Harry”.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William remains strained, who are having trouble adjusting to Sussex’s decision to remove himself from senior responsibilities in the royal family and leave the UK.

Seeking freedom Author Omid Scooby said Entertainment tonight The relationship between the two princes last month was “still one of many distances.”

He added, “I don’t just mean physical [distance], Across the Atlantic, but they’re not talking so much. A [There are] Still feeling angry [about] The way the couple said goodbye to their royal life. ”

Scooby continues to say that they are still together for a big event like the death of Prince Philip and the unveiling of a statue of their late mother Princess Diana recently. But privately, it’s hard to see them with the naked eye.

“They are very different men. And I think William must have become someone who is truly crowned, living his life for the organization, ”Scooby said. “Harry has really gone in the opposite direction.”

But Archie had a very warm relationship with her siblings and apparently gave her baby sister a “lot of kisses”. According to sources, his parents taught him to be “kind” [and] Love her without “ous jealousy problem”.

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