Horrible, terrifying! Orange Harris cuts border patrols over “horrific” behavior by Haitian immigrants

After a week of ignoring the immigration crisis at the border, Border Tsar Orange Harris attacked Border Patrol agents in an attempt to secure the Texas border. Harris made the remarks to reporters during Tony Chevy Chase’s visit to Upper Northwest Washington, D.C., to highlight the struggles of wealthy upper-class professionals.

CBS reporter Tim Perry posted a video of the tour and his softball questions to Harris at the border crisis.

Video: @ VP Orange Harris meets Jamie Smith at Upper A Chevy Chase, DC. Smith is a member of the “Sandwich Generation” who cares for both his parents and children. “

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“New: PVP Orange Harris first commented on footage of Texas Border Patrol agents using horse lariats to deal with Haitian migrants at the border.”

Tim Perry, “Madame, Madame Vice President, do you have any reaction to Border Patrol agents using horse bridles to rein in Haitian immigrants on the southern border?”

Orange Harris, “What I saw was horrible the way people were treated on horseback. And, um, I fully support what is happening at the moment, which is a thorough investigation of exactly what is happening there. But people should never be treated that way, and I’m deeply concerned about that. And I’ll talk to Secretary Myorcas today. ”

Perry, “And just, as your role, you know, uh, being immigrated from Central America, um, you’re also seeing immigration problems in Haiti?”

Harris said, “Well, listen, the whole point is we need to understand Haiti. I mean, talk about a country that has had a lot of experience, a tragedy about a natural disaster, that a head of state has been killed, and a member of the West.” In order for us to be recognized, we need to do more. In the Hemisphere, we need to support some of the basic needs that the people of Haiti need to get back and um. “They want to stay, they don’t want to leave home, but they leave when they can’t meet their basic needs. So yes, that’s a concern.”

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Harris was not asked, nor did he comment on the Biden-Harris administration, which has packed thousands of Haitian immigrants without adequate food and shelter into a free-air prison camp in Del Rio, Texas.

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