Hoam! Player Deon Estus died at the age of 65

1980s pop band Wham! Deon Estus, best known for playing lightning, has died. He was 65 years old.

On Monday, a post from the musician’s Twitter account read, “I’m really sad to post that Dion Estus died this morning.” “Deon was mostly known as the third member of Wham!”

The post Continued: “Deon was a fan of music and loved to communicate with his loyal fans.”

No cause of death was given. A source told Fox News that he died of a heart complication, and clarified that he died on Sunday as opposed to Monday, as suggested in the tweet.

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Estas partner Brenda Kaye Pierce also shared a message of condolence on Facebook on Monday.

He writes, “My dearest, closest companions and other important people over the years have changed and I can only remember that we had our last conversation the day before.” “It will take time for my heart to heal. Give me a RIP. I will love you forever.”

Hoam! Initially the musician was George Michael, who died in 2016, and Andrew Ridge.

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Rizal, 58, posted the news on Twitter.

Deon Estus, singer and Hoam! Bassist, died at the age of 65.
(Photo by Michael Putland / Getty Images)

“[Very] Today is the sad news of the death of Deon Estus. Extraordinarily talented is a gasser lyricist, charismatic and Impish character and WHAM Rock! Rhythm section, ” He said. “He lives a great life in memory, he radiates warmth, humor and the bright light of life, my sincere sympathy to his family.”

Estus had a hit of its own, “Heaven Help Me”, which by output rose to the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1989. Michael created, co-composed and provided the backup vocals for the track.

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Estus’ only solo album came out in 1989 in the form of “Spell” and had “Heaven Help Me” as well as the title track and “Me or the Rumors”.


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Billboard reports that he has worked with several other music legends such as Tina Turner, Elton John, Marvin Guy, Frank Jappa and Annie Lennox.

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