Hillary Clinton has called America “in a constitutional crisis” and wants to end Philipbuster

On Thursday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again voiced support for shutting down Filibuster, accusing Republicans of disrespecting the rule of law.

Clinton claims then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not rubber-stamp Barack Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland.

Clinton made the remarks during an interview on the Atlantic Festival Ideas stage.

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Clinton wants to end Philibuster

Clinton insisted she would “absolutely” support Senate Republicans digging into Philibuster, citing reasons for not allowing Republicans to vote on Garland’s nomination.

Clinton said, “Now keep filibuster, when you’re working with a political party that doesn’t respect the rule of law, not even the process as long as it works for them – you know, witness what they did to Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Supreme Court.” The court had the right to appoint judges.

There is no law that says the Senate must approve – or even vote for – a Supreme Court nomination.

The former first lady further said that America is “in the midst of a constitutional crisis”.

Clinton observed, “People are still arguing about important issues that are not fundamental to whether our democracy will break down, and then there will be occupation and minority rule that we are living in.”

The Philibuster rule essentially implies in practice that for most of the law, the bill must receive 60 votes to advance to the U.S. Senate for a final vote.

In March, when Democrats were playing with the idea of ​​scrapping Philibaster, Clinton backed that effort.

Clinton said the filibuster should be dropped because of “constitutional issues.”

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Clinton March: ‘Philibuster stands in the way of many legislation’

At the time, Clinton hosted her show Just Something About Her podcast and told former collaborator Jennifer Palmyeri that the Senate could pass the franchise law if Philipbuster was repealed.

“Philibuster has a lot of legislation to make, and we’ll find out next week whether it can be reformed or amended or abolished,” Clinton said.

Clinton added, “It must be withdrawn for the constitutional issue, and I will put the issues of electoral law at the top of that list.”

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