Hillary Clinton has been called a ‘war criminal’ by protesters: ‘Go f *** yourself!’

On Friday, a video was posted on social media showing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shouting in protest as she entered Queen’s University in Belfast, where she was inaugurated as the school’s new chancellor.

As Clinton walked safely down the stairs of the university, shouts of “war criminal” could be heard from the crowd.

Watch the video:

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Protesters say to Clinton: ‘War criminal! Shame on Queens! Don’t be ashamed of yourself! ‘

Also shouted “Shame on Queens! Shame on you!” “Go yourself ***!”

According to the BBC, the crowd was made up of students protesting against US foreign policy.

In 2002, when she served as Senator Clinton for the state of New York, Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq war. In the 200-vote Democratic presidential election, rival Barack Obama used the vote against him, who campaigned against then-President George W. Bush’s war.

Clinton later appointed Obama as secretary of state, where she assured the president of a 2011 US airstrike on Libya. According to the New York Times, U.S. military action in 2016 only achieved “leaving Libya a failed state and a haven for terrorists.”

Clinton’s vote for the Iraq war also became a problem for her in 2016 when she ran against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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Trump in 2016: ‘If we listen to Hillary Clinton, we are going to end the third world war with Syria’

Trump said in 2016 that if Clinton becomes president, the United States would be in danger of launching a “world war” and historically foreign policy under his leadership.

“All we have to do is focus on ISIS. We should not focus on Syria, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. Trump told Reuters During an interview.

Trump then said, “If we listen to Hillary Clinton, you’re going to end World War III on Syria.”

The BBC reported during the 2016 election that Clinton wanted the United States to get more involved in the Syrian civil war, with the goal of ousting Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

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