Hillary Clinton has announced a new book, calling it her ‘first adventure in fiction!’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that she is bringing out a new book, which she says is not like her previous written work.

“State of Terror” has been described as a political thriller that seems somewhat similar to Clinton’s biography. A woman elected secretary of state by a new president has been linked to a series of terrorist attacks in an effort to “play international chess” involving her “political enemies” and countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, and even the “Russian people.”

Durham Target Clinton Campaign Law Subcontractor Fresh Round Firm

The book, published October 12 by Simon & Schuster, is co-authored by Lewis Penny.

“My first adventure in fiction!” Clinton tweeted Tuesday. “It was a labor of love with my friend (and favorite mystery writer) Lewis Penny, and I can’t wait to read it.”

Some critics, pushing back, said it was not “the first campaign in fiction” despite Clinton’s claims.

“The first campaign in your fiction is that the 2016 election was stolen from you,” Redstate senior editor Joe Cunningham told Clinton.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross shared a screenshot of a 2016 tweet that encouraged a story about the Trump organization being linked to a Russian bank, which surfaced on the Durham Probe.

Last month, Democratic attorney Michael Susman was accused of lying to the FBI about not disclosing his connection to Clinton’s presidential campaign after pressuring him to investigate the then-candidate. Of Donald Trump Relations with Russia in 2016, particularly on a server connection between the Trump organization and the Kremlin-affiliated Alpha Bank.

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This marks the second allegation from John Durham, a special adviser investigating the source of the Russian investigation. Trump-era Attorney General William Barr hired Durham to investigate where the details of the Trump-Russia conflict came from in April 2011.

Last week, Durham handed out a new subpainer, one of which was aimed at Clinton-affiliated law firm Parkinson Quay, where Susman was previously a partner.

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