Herschel Walker campaign associated with Funder with the photo ‘Swastika’ on his Twitter profile

The “this is not a swastika” campaign is going through a difficult time.
Screenshot: Twitter et Bettina VTX

People are asking a lot of questions in a swastika statement of the Herschel Walker campaign Already answered By statement.

Walker, who Race for the Senate In Georgia (including a Twitter profile picture Own, shirtless, many years ago, for some reason), had to respond to a report by Patricia Murphy, Greg Bluestein and Tia Mitchell Atlanta Journal-Constitution Betina Sophia Viviano সম্পর্কে about the Twitter profile picture of a major fundraiser in Langlis-is a picture that is clearly a swastika made with a syringe.

Walker’s campaign The spokesman is explaining That it is “definitely a compulsory vaccination graphic” is notable for its honesty. It is Is Obviously a compulsory vaccination graphic because it compares vaccines to the Nazi party.

“Herschel unequivocally opposes anti-Semitism and all kinds of orthodoxy,” the spokesman added. No one was suggesting that Walker For Anti-Semitism and bigotry? Or maybe it needs to be made clear that a Republican candidate does not share Nazi values.

It’s not that Viviano-Langlis has a swastika because he’s a Nazi sympathizer, but the vaccines have to be painted as Nazism, which is just plain understandably stupid. On the one hand, saving millions of lives through breakthroughs has helped pave the way for new hope. The fight against malaria, With A vaccine Which is widely seen as almost miraculous … on the other hand, literally the Holocaust.

The problem that Walker’s campaign should have solved was that the source of his campaign funding was, in fact, extraordinary. Instead, the shocked response would suggest to anyone that Walker has a connection to Nazi values ​​- well, it raises many more questions not answered by the statement. And whatever he is Later canceled the upcoming Texas Fundraiser With Viviano-Langlis sooooHe must have realized that he was losing the case in court with a faceless public opinion. (PS: The image has been scrapped from now on His profile.)

Do we think it’s because Walker, Last November, Advised states to vote for president again? And will doing so “maintain our democracy” despite the fact that our democracy is clearly planned to destroy our democracy? And how, exactly, is Walker going to handle it when he loses his own election? Lots of questions, really.

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