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The introduction of blockchain technology in other industries has generally had very positive results, and there are no examples of blockchain introduction when an industry is harmed in any way. Gaming, for example, is one of the handful of industries that has been extremely open to blockchain technology since day one, immediately seeing the possibility of paying for it cheaply and quickly.

It was perfect for microtransaction, ensuring unchanging ownership of different collectibles and so on. It wasn’t long before gaming and blockchain were so well integrated that games began to launch. On The blockchain itself.

One of the biggest upcoming examples of this is CowboyZombies, a new shoot-to-earn game inspired by zombie games such as The Walking Dead and Left 4 Dead.

What about CowboyZombies?

As the name implies, cowboys pitch to cowboys in a fight for survival against zombies. The game sets you back to the 1970s, though it gives a strong old West feel. In it, the cowboys are living their best lives, escaping their cattle, hunting deer, and occasionally solving problems such as chasing bandits and other criminals.

All of this changes when the zombie attack begins and the cowboys are forced to fight to survive using all their skills. They have different types of guns and knives and there are 5 rank cowboys and cowgirls fighting 4 different types of zombies.

The game has a very unique gameplay and skillfully created UI, created by a team of 7 well-known expert designers. After all, it differs from standard Play2Earn games in using a shoot-to-earn method.

CowboyZombies Presale is coming

The project has a lot of goals to cross the roadmap and the first on the list is its upcoming preseason, which will be held at DxSale in early October. Following this, the project will begin to focus on achieving pancakeswap, as well as a number of major listings, such as CEX, to make it universally available.

It will see cowboys and zombies launch NFT as well as an NFT marketplace, NFT zombie warfare and much more. Sometime in 2022, it will introduce an additional cowboy character, expand its team, launch NFT Farming, and work on its marketing campaign.

The project specifies that its goal is to focus on the whole world, but also reveals that it will have a special focus on the use of influencers for marketing in China. This is due to China’s dislike of cryptocurrency-related products.

However, the project was very clear that it would be just a start and its goal would be to go global, and become a blockchain game for gaming and blockchain enthusiasts.

In addition, it will also collaborate in a game studio to create a mobile version of the game. It will also allow players to enjoy the game on the go, opening up new opportunities to earn while playing, which is becoming a popular concept. The game is of course available on Android and iOS alike.

It should be noted that the project is still in its infancy, and it will take some time before it reaches its full potential, as well as the level of popularity that is following. However, given its beautiful design and a well-planned roadmap, there is little doubt that it will easily win the attention of gaming and blockchain spaces.

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