Here’s how to stop paying credit card interest for up to 29 months

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Do you pay credit card interest? Did you know that there is an easy way to stop paying for it? Here’s what you need to know to reduce your balance to zero.

How do I stop paying credit card interest?

If you currently pay credit card interest, you can deduct the amount you owe by signing up for a new 0% balance transfer credit card. Because when you sign up for a balance transfer card, it pays off immediately on your old card, and you pay on your new card instead of the old one.

All Leading Balance Transfer credit cards come with a 0% agreement, which means you don’t have to pay any interest on your debt for a certain period of time. In other words, if you transfer your debt to a balance transfer card, you will be exempt from paying credit card interest.

Do you have a lot of credit cards? If so, you can use a balance transfer card to spread the cost over a long 0% period. This will allow you to deduct what you owe without paying a hefty sum.

What’s more, since you don’t pay credit card interest, all your payments will go to hacking into your balance. This means you can get rid of debt fast.

What is the best balance transfer deal?

At the moment, the longest 0% balance transfer deals offer an interest-free period of 29 months. So if you are recognized for one of the leading cards in this market, you can spread the cost of your debt within two years, giving you a break from paying credit card interest. Let’s explore two 0% options for 29-months.

Sainsbury’s Bank – 0% up to 29 months

Sciencebury’s Bank Balance Transfer Card offers interest-free offers for up to 29 months. However, this is an ‘up’ card, so you may be offered an interest rate of 0% for only 21 months or 3% more depending on your credit score. To get a contract, you must transfer your credit card debt when you apply.

Make sure you clear the card within 29 months. Otherwise, you will pay 21.9% representative APR interest.

Virgin Money – 29 months 0%

Like the ScienceBerry card above, Virgin Money Balance Transfer Card also offers 29 months at 0%. However, this card is not ‘up’, so you will receive a full 0% of the time, or you will not accept.

There is a 2.7% transfer fee and 0% representative APR interest after a period of 21.9%.

Which other card allows me to stop paying credit card interest?

If you do not need 29 months to pay off your debt, you will be able to find a card with a lower fee. A card can even transfer your debt for free.

Sainsbury’s Bank offers a card with a term of 0% up to 27% for a 1% fee. However, a poor credit score can only be given for 19 interest-free months. After a period of 19 months, the representative APR is 21.9%.

Meanwhile, Virgin Money offers a card with 0% time of 27-months. You will be given a full 27 months, or you will not be accepted. The 1.2% fee applies to any debt you transfer, while the representative APR is 21.9%.

Can you pay off your debt in 18 months? If so, Santander pays a balance transfer fee free of charge for your transfer. So if you clear your balance within 18 months, you don’t have to pay any credit card interest or any fees. Representative APR of this card is 20.9%.

For more options, see our list of top-rated balance transfer cards.

What else do I need to know to stop paying credit card interest?

The balance transfer card can be your savior from paying interest on credit cards, but there are some rules to follow when using these cards.

First, while these cards can pay a long 0% period, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay anything. To have a 0% contract, you need to pay a minimum monthly payment. The easiest way to do this is to set up a monthly direct debit.

Second, don’t use a balance transfer card to make new purchases. If you do, it will usually not be 0%. Get yourself a 0% purchase card instead.

It is also important to remember that each credit card application will go to your credit record. You can protect your credit score by using a credit card eligibility checker to see your acceptance potential before you apply.

There are other rules to follow, such as clearing your entire balance before the end of the 0% period and making sure that debt is not removed from the same banking group card. For a complete list of rules, see our guide outlining 10 do’s and don’ts of a 0% balance transfer card.

Ready to stop paying credit card interest? See a list of our top 0% balance transfer credit cards.

Can you be rewarded for your daily expenses?

Reward credit card Include schemes that only reward you for using your credit card. When you spend money on a prize card you can earn loyalty points, in-store voucher airmail and much more. MyWalletHero makes it easy for you to find a card that matches your spending habits so you can get the most value out of your rewards.

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