Harvey Burns of Leicester scored two goals offside

Maybe it would have been better to just call.
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This is a great start for Leicester City in the Premier League for the last two seasons. Although both ended in a heartbreaking final day, as they missed out on the final hurdle in the Champions League, they were still fun to watch as they fought and bled with all the big horrible monsters in England.

This year, they weren’t really able to tie their shoes properly. They snatched the first day’s win against the Wolves when they lost heavily, combined with both West Ham and Man City and then took their free space on the bingo card with a win against Norwich City. Their underlying numbers are no longer encouraging, and they have actually managed the third-worst expected goal difference in the league. Pixie dust only lasts so long, it seems.

It didn’t look good for the first hour today against Brighton, as Leicester were heavily beaten by their hosts and lost 2-0. It could have been, and probably should have been more.

Maybe it was embarrassment, or professional pride, or just a team “What are we doing?” But the last half hour saw The Foxes come back to life and fight quite a bit. Jamie Verdi was able to make it 2-1, and Leicester could draw or win even Harvey Burns had no idea where to stand.

At first, Ademola Lukman stabbed the house from a corner, but it was canceled out due to Burns offside and Brighton defender being in the eye line.

That’s not enough, or Burns is not yet aware of a specific destination, so just enjoying the scene, he cancels the last-minute equivalent of Wilfred NDD for the same crime (two tables of tragic moments in the video) Down at 9: 31 and 11:51):

Now, obviously, it can be argued that these two calls are quite fishy. Burns doesn’t seem to be in the eye of Robert Sanchez. And even if the real call on the field was that he was, VAR was there with multiple angles to let everyone know that Burns was on a walkout like everyone else.

Still, it’s always a nice lesson to have a purpose, man. And when you just want to sit back and soak it all, choose your stains well.

This rate leaves Leicester at the bottom of the Premier League. But once they make 11 players aware of the situation around them, things should improve.

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